PLDT Home Bro ULTERA: Ultra-Fast LTE Connection For Your Home

Monday, May 05, 2014

Been struggling with your slow connection for so long?! Well PLDT Home Bro's got you covered with the latest addition to their family. They just recently launched PLDT Home Bro ULTERA a few days ago at an event in SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. It was graced by current CEO/Cairman Manny Pangilinan and PLDT Assistant Vice President Ava Española. 

We even saw it in action that evening.

PLDT Home Bro ULTERA is the perfect thing to have with digitally connected families. Now, there's no more excuse to stay in slow connections whether wired or wireless. If you have your Mom and Dad on Facebook, younger siblings on Twitter or Youtube, you don't have to suffer when somebody uses streaming or downloading at the comforts of your own home.

Jasmine Curtis, Bea Binene and their friends trying the connection too on their phones.

PLDT Executives, Tim Yap, Anton Del Rosario, Raymond Gutierrez and Alvin Teng was there to show support to PLDT Home.

It's available in three modes. The ULTERA Basic can get you speeds up to 3 Mbps, ULTERA Max which can get you 5 Mbps and ULTERA Pro that can push speeds up to 10 Mbps. Aside from the ultra fast connection, PLDT Home Bro ULTERA can hook you up with add ons and perks such as Clickplay, MyPinoyTV, Spinnr, EA Games and News5 Everywhere. If you also haven't got a Smart TV at home, you can also opt for PLDT HOME TVolution and get you hooked up on Internet TV.

PLDT Executive Vice President Ariel Fermin says the connection is even greater than the wonky microphone that evening. It's even faster than human feats even. He cites examples in an awesome way by putting new endorsers to the test. Yes, you can say Teng Teng Teng because he introduced the siblings Jeric, Jeron and Almira Teng.

When Jeron ran this long stage, PLDT Home Bro ULTERA downloaded files off the internet and the connection was still faster. 

Mr. Fermin gave it a shot too. Still, PLDT Home Bro ULTERA won hands down!

Burger challenge record holder versus uploading of a hundred photos on Facebook. Still, PLDT Home Bro ULTERA wins! Same with a basketball shootout with Jeric Teng, he failed miserably. How can he beat that time right?

PLDT Executives, Chairman/CEO Manny Pangilinan and the Teng siblings are so proud about this new service that they offer. Now there's faster connections available to current and non subscribers if they want to stick to the better network. Mind you, my internet connection has only gone down twice since I got it. It's been years, so just imagine how high their uptime is on my account. To celebrate further, they setup an ULTRA FAST runway show courtesy of PLDT Home Bro and popular clothing brand Folded and Hung.

That's just a fantastic way to end the night. Thank you so much to PLDT Home Bro for giving us the best wireless option in the market today. PLDT Home Bro ULTERA holds a lot of promise, it's time to make our lives easier - and better than ever. Make that next call to PLDT and ask for the ULTERA connection at home.

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