Andrea Torres Celebrates Birthday at New Hope SPED Center

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We went to a small suburb in Kamias Quezon City a few days ago with the one and only Andrea Torres to visit the kids at New Hope (SPED) Center. It's her birthday and she wanted it to be something special and all about kids who have special needs. Andrea Torres has a brother in the same predicament and she feels a connection with the kids right after she saw them in the center. She wanted to make them happy so she chose to celebrate here. It was heartwarming and I saw her tear up several times. 

The kids received these goodies from Andrea Torres' sponsors. Thank you so much to Petrol, Active White, Sundance and GMA Artist Center. They also got them bags and school supplies so they can use it in the center. 

Andrea was so thankful to have been able to visit the kids in the center. She even wanted to bring her brother there but he made tantrums that morning and didn't want to stress him out. Her family is taking good care of him and know what these kids are going through. It's not easy and she gives kudos to the educators and volunteers working in New Hope.

New Hope SPED Center thanked Andrea Torres for choosing to celebrate her birthday with them. They were also thankful for the efforts of GMA because other shows also give them time and supplies so kids in the center benefit from them. These kids were really good and they've learned a lot because they're not that unruly. They probably learned how to manage them and give them less stress that's why they're so good mannered. Their outbursts are controlled and whatever their guardians tell them, the kids are so obedient and follow instructions. You can't really see that sometimes on kids who just stay at home and don't get exposed in learning centers like these. The center really did something good with the kids.

Happy happy birthday Andrea! Hope your wishes come true! You can catch Andrea on Bubble Gang every Friday and Sunday All Stars every week. The day after this event, she went to Cambodia with Mikael Daez to promote With A Smile as it was showing there. They've been getting really good feedback from the network there and visiting would strongly promote it. Good luck Andrea! Thank you also GMA Artist Center for letting us tag along and see the kids ourselves.


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