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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I've been rummaging through my apps and found some recent updates on the KakaoTalk messaging application that might interest you. Since they have been bullish thinking about you every time they introduce a new feature, they gave in on something that could be beneficial for you if you're on meetings, the church or just something very private - like a romantic date.

This is the “Do Not Disturb” function. This feature would make users have the option to disable notifications during a specified time. This would be lovely for those moments if you don't want to be disturbed by annoying or unwanted message alerts on your phone. Simply tick the box and set the time and voila! You've got all the notifications taken cared of.

Messages always would depend on your network provider. Sometimes they get delivered, sometimes they don't. It would either end up in limbo or just a simple error on your phone. KakaTalk wants to put an end to this and makes specific functions available for you. Seen above is the "Paper Airplane Mode". When you've got a busy network, your messages can still be sent and stay afloat on the network. Once your message is delivered to the desired recipient, the paper airplane icon here will disappear! Like magic! :)

KakaoTalk also has a countdown number. When you are in a group chat and everyone else is in the list, the window will show an unread count number on the side of your message. This particular number will decrease and eventually disappear when everyone has seen your message. Now nobody could deny they didn't read an important message. Like if you are sending reminders for out of town trips, or just giving instructions in the office. How can you not see the convenience KakaoTalk brings right?

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