Julie Ann San Jose Celebrates Birthday at Childrens Home

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Julie Ann San Jose one of GMA's brightest stars just celebrated her birthday at White Cross Children's Home at San Juan City. It's something that she's been looking forward to do for the longest time because she's been very busy this year. Aside from being a very talented singer (proof is her Platinum Award recently), actress and television personality, she's the newest face of Ever Bilena Careline Teen products. She arrived fresh and gorgeous that afternoon and began entertaining the kids by giving them a mini concert of sorts.

GMA Artist Center, SMART, Get Laud, Aquabella, Unisilver, Leon Philippe, Sweet Escape and Active White also chipped in so she could give the kids some goodies, clothes and supplies; making this a worthwhile time off from her busy week. She loves kids and she had a hand on choosing the specific charity she's going and this seems so special for Julie Ann.

Plus the kids there are so well behaved. The people there obviously take care of them really good. They also provided comic relief with Ms. Tess Bomb, her laughter and antics are so infectious.

Julie Ann had fun also feeding the kids right after her songs. Good thing Leon Philippe was there to provide the needed fresh milk for these kids. It was touching to see them smile and their face light up seeing Julie Ann in the flesh. This is one of the reasons why Julie Ann San Jose wanted to do this on a regular basis.

There was a glimpse of Elmo in this bit, I still remember their stint with SMART and the videos they did for the mobile phone company. I felt sad too seeing Elmo being partnered with someone else but they have to grow right? Now, Julie Ann is making waves in the music industry whilst Elmo kept the whole drama leading man role in the bag. Both are still good friends I know because they have spent years together remember? We can just be hopeful.

I saw genuine happiness in the kids and in Julie Ann San Jose during this outreach program arranged by GMA Artist Center and her sponsors. Julie Ann San Jose is doing great and I can't wait to see her shine more as she's looking forward to have more projects in GMA. Talks about her renewal and going to other stations should stop, I think she's well managed here. Plus she's well taken cared of. More of these charity events please GMA so we could see your artists reach out to the less fortunate. :)


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