25 Years Of Lots'a Pizza And Their Sweet Partnership With Dole

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ms. Teresita Ngan Tian, President of Lots'a Pizza's Franchise System, Inc. doing her opening remarks.

Lots'a Pizza, one of the country's leading pizza brands proudly celebrated their 25th year in the business. Together with this, they have just partnered with the most well loved pineapple product brand in the world DOLE. It's a welcome development to get exclusivity with a brand that has lived quality all these years. As a major component of almost all their pizza flavors, the partnership was perfect says Ms. Teresita Ngan Tian, Lots'a Pizza's President. They continue to research about better ingredients and develop even better pizza variants so the public would continue to enjoy the classics. They have also sent out new premium pizzas for those who would want to indulge more in Lots'a Pizza, something that we absolutely love!

 We were then treated to lovely Lots'a Pizzas that afternoon. Yes, I admit to have tasted them all!

The cheese was soft and creamy and the way it melts into all the ingredients plus the sweet tangy pizza sauce and parbaked crust was something you would close your eyes for. Quite heavenly! Aside from the lovely pizza lot, the thing that made quite a difference was the fresh Dole pineapple found in some of the pizza variants. It was sweet, not too tangy even if there was no added sugar or sweeteners. 

I love the classic pizzas that are also very affordable! We took a slice and more of the Double Whammy, Roast Beef n' Cheese, Bacon Blaze, Hungarian Fiesta and the oh so good Garden Harvest. They also have a premium line which consists of Great Manhattan, Hawaiian Delight, Pure Beef Special, Pepperoni and Mushroom and Hotdog Festival. It's now all available on their 204 Pizza outlets nationwide - this also includes their 50 franchisees. See what you get for your money? This is why they lasted for a very long time. Filipinos love something filling and great tasting for the amount they pay and Lots'a Pizza gives all of these! They sent out the premium ones to cater for those willing to spend a little extra for more ingredients. I couldn't tell you how much I enjoyed each one of them and I was full to the brim going out of Ascott that afternoon.

Mr. Steve Roman C. Cabitac and Ms. Teresita Ngan Tian, President of Lots'a Pizza's Franchise Systems Inc.

Mr. Steve Cabitac Dole Philippines' Sales and Operations Group Head showing the exclusive Lotsa Pizza Pineapple can that is sliced "Pizza Cut" only for their brand. 

Alexander Adan, the Franchise Director and Product Manager of Lots'a Pizza Franchise Inc. here giving us a few words of wisdom before we left the venue. I like the part where he quoted Henry Sy saying that "He didn't want to be the number one brand, but wanted to be number one in the hearts and minds of the consumers".

Congratulations Dole Philippines and Lots'a Pizza Franchise Inc. for a very fruitful partnership. I can't wait to have more Lots'a pizzas in my home. Happy 25th year too Lots'a Pizza! :)


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