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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hi! I'm John! I'm the author of the Men's lifestyle website KUMAGCOW.COM. Just like you, I'm a guy who always wants to look good.

Efforts? I've had a few; and if you see me in person,you'll say that this big guy probably needs major maintenance and I'm sure you'll definitely notice my hair because that's what my friends always do. Well for starters, I don't experiment on my own like when I did it back in college... because now, I have experts who do it for me. Have you heard of La Belleza Hair and Nail Salon?

La Belleza Hair and Nail Salon is the venture of Cher Nogara and Beng Manuel. Their salon was formerly called Belleza Y Estilo but had to change it recently for registry reasons. Cher and Beng are no strangers in the salon industry; and they've won a couple of awards in the past and still doing hair, nail and make up for artists, singers and even local and international celebrities! 

I was really glad that they took care of me when I visited them last week for a retouch. They were OC'd a bit when they saw my vacation photos in Boracay as I had a line on my hair since it's been a while when I got this bleached. They're like that, they tell you like family when you need their services. They also talk to you like one if you get to sit down on their comfy chairs inside the salon.

Bleaching takes a lot of effort and it isn't for everyone. I'm so glad they're quite experienced in hair color so this is just a cinch for them. I am crazy and I want my crowning glory to be really different. I sometimes hate the small salons in my neighborhood who don't even want to color my hair the way I want to. La Belleza talked to me and asked what I want, then suggested modifications when they see that it wouldn't work. Aesthetics is something that you can't teach people overnight and since they've won awards in the hair color category, I trust them 100% and went ahead with the bleaching then color. That time, we agreed on Deep Red and Silver. Using Davines hair products (which is also nature friendly), Cher did it like clockwork. I loved how it turned out!

See what I mean by great color? This is two toned hair one with Deep Red shades on the sides and the back and the top is Silver/Ash Gray Blonde. I haven't met competent people who can do this to my hair. Add to that, they've got nail spa services too so it's like a one stop shop. If you are around the area or have to have something special, try La Belleza Hair and Nail Salon.

La Belleza is located at the 2nd floor of the EK Bldg at #50 Don Antonio II Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City, Philippines 1127. If you want great hair please have an appointment by calling or texting 09264563433/09277172014. You can also email them at See how easy it is to look this good? I know right!

Oh before I forget, I might get some of you to experience this soon! Stay tuned for our giveaways soon courtesy of the good people from La Belleza!


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la belleza hair and nail salon
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