Special Day For Special Kids With Kris Bernal

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The last time I was with Kris Bernal was in the Girls Town which was in far flung location in Marikina City. It's a place for abandoned girls where they get to study and be productive there. She always had a good heart and says she always goes back to that place whenever she has free time. She also takes time off from her hectic schedules and spends that with them. 

Last May 14, she went to a different place and says this was quite special for her. She visited General T. De Leon Elementary School in Karuhatan, Valenzuela City. This is one of the only few public schools that have a dedicated SPED department in Metro Manila so a lot of special children with special needs go here. Together with the City Government of Valenzuela, the Krispers (Kris Bernal's official Fan Club) and her sponsors, they went out of the confines of the GMA building and went all the way north to be with these kids.

Of course this event wouldn't be possible without the help of her sponsors Bangs by Tony & Jackey, Zagu who provided refreshments that hot afternoon, Zanea shoes, Faces & Curves, Fernandos Bakeshop and GMA Artist Center who organized everything. You already know that these guys have also been helping Kris for a long time now.

They started the program with the really funny antics of Tess Bomb who regularly hosts for us during outreach programs. 

These kids are indeed special and they showed it by giving us a performance worthy of praise. Even in their condition, they still chose to show it to Kris Bernal and the guests because they want us to know how much the school helped them reintegrate themselves in the society. To be productive and talented members of the community.

They went ahead and did some physical activities like this short Zumba and dance class so the kids would have something to learn too during the event. Of course Kris Bernal joined in!

The kids, their families and the volunteers enjoyed games and various activities that was prepared for them by GMA Artist Center. This occasion benefited around 113 special kids so you know it'll make an impact in the community.

The good people from Tony and Jackey also had free haircuts for everyone at the venue. It was a really nice gesture for them to do this. It was nice to see even the Korean hair stylists were also there during the event.

Kris Bernal's face just lights up when she sees these kids smile. It's also her birthday and it was nice to celebrate it with them. Little did she know what surprise was going to happen after the show.

They were so sweet, they went up on stage and gave Kris flowers one by one. This was a nice thing to see that afternoon.

It was so nice to see Kris Bernal also giving gifts to the kids of the General T. De Leon Elementary School SPED Center. You can just imagine how happy these kids were getting surprises from their Ate Kris including a brand new LED TV that they will use for educational purposes. They have the privilege to also use it to watch shows like Sunday All Stars and her upcoming soaps on GMA. Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible. You know how happy the kids were that afternoon. It's going to be something that they would cherish, spending time with Kris Bernal and all of you who went there to entertain these kids as you spared more of your time with them.

Thank you also to GMA Artist Center. Happy happy birthday Kris! :) Stay blessed!


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