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Sunday, May 18, 2014

It was a nice afternoon, calming, dreamy and ultra comfortable. This was the feeling when we saw Dunlopillo Moments at the Rigodon Ballroom of The Manila Peninsula. It was 8th heaven. Think of European engineering, design, technology and American delineation making it the best in the western world. It's presence in the Philippines just presents the assertion of experts that we are one of the best markets in the Asia Pacific. Our growing economy also means we have purchasing power that this luxury brand simply equates too. They know we spent a third of our lives in bed and you can't equate to any value the comfort we get as we lay down on it.

Dunlopillo is the inventor of latex fabric used in their mattresses and you can see how research and development was put into each piece just by feeling its interior. The idea put into this technology is to make it stable, firm but ultimately comfortable. They use different types of spring, fabric, linings and other parts just to make sure the one who gets Dunlopillos gets the same luxurious sleep that is as heavenly and calming as the customer wants and dreams of. Truth be told, they've got their track record in satisfaction in other parts of the world and they're bound to make one in Asia too.

One of the first countries they knew to have their brand in was the Philippines says Borja Solans the President of Dunlopillo Holdings Inc. They have well researched these for years in Europe and putting them in Asia was but a normal thing because everybody sleeps. They also know the preference of different nationalities differ as some want it firmer, harder, softer and they all recognize that everybody wants that same thing they sleep in a posh hotel. Bringing that to your homes or making it even better was a goal they've long achieved. It depends on the person, they know a soft mattress maybe good for one and bad of another. It's the materials you put on it and the brand that makes it. Dunlopillo mattresses lasts too long and their guarantee is 10 years. That's the ideal time to change one and they still wonder why people invest more in sofas when they spend more time in these mattresses right?! The market is ready for a foreign luxury brands and they think this is perfect timing. Dunlopillo is a reliable brand and they are sure that they are making the right choice every time they get one.

They also introduced their first endorsers in the Philippines namely Azkal's Aly Borromeo, Interior Designer Jess Kienle and Gace Baja of blog The Spoiled Mummy. They said their individual pieces about their experience using the mattresses as they were the first ones to try it. The comfort and rest they got from the products was absolutely life changing and they were so happy about it too. It's also anti bacterial since they use nano silver particles and technology, giving each owner the ultimate sleep they deserve. For those who would want to try, visit their Libis branch at #16 Acropolis Commercial Area at E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue in Libis Quezon City (Phone Number 9111672) or their EDSA Cubao branch (Phone Number 9131975, Fax Number 9131072) or MC Home Depot Fort Bonifacio (Phone Numer 8156218, Fax Number 8156218) and Cebu (Phone Number 0323451378, Fax Number 0323454051) and see for yourself what I laid on in Makati that afternoon. Tell me what you think about it! :) Enjoy your Dulopillo Moments!


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