Samsung Launches World's First Curved UHD TV

Thursday, May 01, 2014

I couldn't believe it. Samsung, the world's largest mobile phone and entertainment systems manufacturer just made shock and awe a byword on their products a few days ago as they launched the new Samsung Curve UHD TV. This is a year for entertainment as Chung Lyong Lee the President and Managing Director of Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation puts it. They will also come out of different TV's that will match every Filipinos want and need. In a bullish country such as ours, our taste becomes a little different every year and with the growth of this country comes the search for the best electronic device our purchasing power can afford. Impressed isn't really a word I'd like to use because that is too small for the things I saw that afternoon. They envision a full pledged Samsung home where the family would enjoy and use each and every product that they have released. See for yourself!

From crisp, "almost in the stadium" like sound quality, to sharp images that you can screenshot, record, zoom and save on the smart TV, to control anywhere by just a flick of a button, you can't match these new smart TV's by Samsung.

When we want it, we have to have it. Online content like any video on Youtube can be seen on these smart TV's which is exceptionally even better if you have HD content. Aside from that, there are various apps available that you an use if you plan to play and use it as display. If you love stuff from the Google Play store, this would probably be the best choice if you want a different feel if you've got a Samsung Phone. Bigger displays are always welcome right?

During this short talk with the youngsters, the audio on the TV and other audio devices in the room suddenly changed. They didn't know who was controlling it but had a pretty good hunch it was their brother from the other room. So we went there and checked it out!

We saw him playing around with the entertainment system. Samsung has some pretty bad ass speaker systems. I could feel the roof going off the ceiling. It was pounding and pretty powerful. I was impressed again. They have huge ones and small ones that can probably fit in condos and places like that.

They also have wireless systems so if you don't like ugly cables sitting around the back of your furniture, then this is perfect. You can also use this for large parties and you'll never run out of options if you need to integrate it with your existing sound systems. We see a seed of inspiration of even bigger ones coming soon!

Then in the showroom, we saw some more TVs in different sizes that can fit your budget if you don't want to splurge too much on getting a UHD TV. Our needs change and if you want other items on their product line, you have options... and that's a great thing.

Then we also saw some artisans and artists in the venue. I think this was in preparation for the big reveal!

It was pretty awesome seeing these guys do their work plus the music from the harpist was phenomenal. Then the actors came in.

They were treating the whole venue as an arena. They connected together the brand new spanking SAMSUNG CURVE UHD TV's and got it look like what the Romans have. The gladiators pulled up the curtains and voila!

Isn't that amazing? Well, aside from it's obvious shape, it's 4 times powerful than an ordinary full HD screen. It's so realistic that when I saw some animals on it, it kinda creeped me out. The snakes were slitherin, the monkeys were jumping off the screen and the adorable bears were rolling off it. The views on mountains, rooms and urban areas were all picturesque and almost 3D like. It also has a multilink function so it can function as one display if you put them side by side. The processors are Quad so it's specialized computing power can rival a real PC. The Samsung Curve UHD TV is available in 78, 65 and 55-inches. If you don't see that too big, you can always combine another one to satisfy your needs.

Congratulations Samsung Philippines for another great iconic product! Now Filipinos would enjoy this world's first curved UHD TV. Thank you too for having us cover your launch! :)

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