A Talk On "The China COVID-19 Experience"

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

YILING Pharmaceutical held a talk on the topic "Learning from the China COVID-19 Experience Control and Surge Prevention" hosted by Philippine Archipelago International Trading Corporation.

Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr of the Department of Foreign Affairs welcomed us and said "It is my pleasure welcoming you to this webinar. With over 4 Million deaths, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that we need to learn more. No one is safe unless everyone is safe, we need to work together. I understand scientific competition, but timely information is essential in defeating it. The PH and China has cooperated including in kind and sharing donations. They were battling the virus still, but now has made return to work in almost 100% now. Our partnership made us feel we're not alone, thank you China from the bottom of my heart."

Mayor Benjamin Magalong the current PH Vaccine czar says "It's been a year already since the WHO declared this pandemic. Our usual peak season had to stop, we could have risen if we didn't take steps and done targeted action. We are working towards low and manageable level and doing a gradual re-opening activities in several provinces including Baguio. The population testing and contact tracing has continued and we're doing an equilibrium for health safety and economic recovery. It's a complex dance in keeping infections rate low and to avoid overwhelming our health facility. We need to curb the onslaught of the virus on our city and country. We put a premium to a feedback mechanism and adjust our decisions when it is deemed necessary. We advocate transparency, leadership in the community level and it will only work when majority of the population would work with us. Public health is a priority, for the long haul we will have a concerted effort to beat this disease with the use of digital tools, engagement with private sectors as vaccination sites. We need to gather feedback for the people we serve. The pandemic had us transform into a smart city and will happen on 2022. Use this as support system for the city and we have technical partners for our service delivery, government efforts, public safety, and connectivity will be the backbone for this challenge and perhaps put up an LGU managed city broadband network. This is our experience, and we hope this would be something that others would learn in responding to adversity and become resilient."

Secretary Vince Dizon the Chief Testing czar and BCDA head says "We were not prepared for this, but China helped in equipment, medicines, provided by public and private organizations. We got it in control compared to others who have been struggling, this is a whole nation approach and we got assistance. Despite delays in delivery, we have vaccinated a few million and hope to have more in the next few months. Hopefully we have ample amount of doses soon as no one is safe until everyone is safe."

Master Physician of Eastern  Medicine Jzhia Zhen Hua says "Viral disease has been a great threat and we've been battling a few over the years. There will be a reduction in efficacy, we need to have an effective way to battle this disease and in the last year the Chinese government placed strong measures against COVID-19 and has made Chinese medicine part of it. We have rich experience in combating the disease. Lianhua Qingwen has played an important role in prevention and control of influenza A H1N1 virus, it also inhibits SARS Cov 2 replication, inhibits inflammatory reaction and reduces lung injury in animal tests (mice). It is also suggested to be used for people who have mild to moderate symptoms."


Philippine Archipelago International Trading Corporation President Ms. Olivia Limpe-Aw says "We need earlier intervention, the comprehensive rehabilitation and treatment, the combination of Eastern and Western medicine. They stressed cooperation, of people from all walks of life, involve all sectors of society to battle COVID. We pray for ample amount of vaccines, thank our speakers for their support and the offices who have made this event possible. We hope to soon have normalcy in our lives so our economy can get back on track." Lianhua Qingwan is available in Mercury Drug, Rose Pharmacy, Southstar Drug and Watsons. This is a prescription drug so make sure you have consulted your doctor if you plan to take this.


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