POKWANG Does Magpakailanman This July 10th

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Eagerly awaited for what's in store for her transfer, Marietta Subong aka POKWANG is now delving into a Magpakailanman episode that would bare her soul again on TV. This episode is called "Nanay Kontesera" written by Bengson Logronio and directed by Rechie Del Carmen set to air on July 10, 2021. As you may know, Ms. Pokie has undeniable talent when it comes to drama, so this is going to be a perfect fit to showcase what she can do on TV. This was also one of the things we talked about a few days ago when she was announced as part of GMA Artist Center.

This episode talks about the life of Helen who to make ends meet joins several local beauty pageants so she could raise her kids with the money won from them. She also sells stuff, is in a lot of debt, but does everything she can to make sure her kids have food on the table. She experienced a lot of bullying because of it, but steadfast wanted to make it in every instance she joined just so she could get the prize and make a living.

Pokwang says "I really loved the character I played in this MPK episode, and I'm sure you'll have a tough time figuring out when you're going to laugh or cry. Please make sure you watch this on Saturday because I'm so proud of what we did for Magpakailanman."

The cast includes Boom Labrusca, Tart Carlos, Ayra Mariano and Gold Aceron among others. Go to GMA on July 10th, at 8PM.


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