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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Tidy bags, tidy life - and staying stylish is a plus. A new brand called Organized Chicas Lifestyle is Shaina Magdayao's first venture into retail together with her life long friend Nikki Medina. Her aesthetic, was simple clean lines, mostly fancied things like cotton or linen. They made a line of bags and accessories with a purpose of organizing your essentials to remain clutter free, practical, simple and stylish. She felt during this time, it is paramount to have things that have fabric sewn strong, washable, absorbent but still carries a certain chic that people would certainly appreciate. 

We talked to her while she was in The Farm at San Benito last week, she says "In the middle of pandemic, we thought of helping people, my partner and I are admittedly OC and when we started taping for Probinsyano we had to fix our own things. When it was all organized, I thought why not get this off the market and bring opportunities to the people who create these products. My blazer and tops are all Organized Chicas, all made of canvass, cotton, linen, not just bags now, but even clothes. I'm into classic but quality pieces, we made our own brand. This business has always been a dream and we've been very grateful for the support of everyone even in the middle of the pandemic. You need something practical, sustainable, thing that you can re-wash but go and use again. I'm grateful that my partner does really good quality control, the stitching, things like that always have been checked before we approve the product. The day to day management is difficult because I'm also taping episodes, but I'm grateful that this business is growing and is expanding. With God's grace we're still here. This is all about functionality, before we started, are the bags that I personally use in taping. The pockets outside, it can fit face shields, I always wanted things to be tidy and together with the bag, we also have inserts/organizers, it's our way to make sure you too can have that convenience. Very practical, so we didn't have much challenges in making these products. Nikki and I have been friends since high school, she's a professional makeup artist and we're kinda in the same business. We didn't see this coming that we would eventually become business partners, she's very hands on and I'm doing marketing for it. We complement each other and I guess it is our strengths. We're blessed that everything has been smooth sailing. We're being given something exciting, I hope we get to see this grow even more in the next few months. Even before we became business partners, having her around was like having people that I can trust. It's an advantage that we decide on things, and she's not just a partner, she's my friend."

Shaina then showed us a few pieces from their collection. They also sent us samples so we could see how the product looks like in real life. (Follow my stories @kumagcow on IG). Judging from the looks of it, the fabric is made of thicker material, but overall, it still feels that you can carry it around and never feel hot when it touches your skin. It's stitching is commendable, someone placed a real value on quality control and I didn't even see a fiber stick out on all corners.  



To budding entrepreneurs, Shaina reiterates "You have to be hands on.  With whatever that you're doing, you always have to remember to do what you love. Quality wise, I know we've got the best products compared to what's out there in the market. I personally used this and initially I just had a couple pieces customized with my initials, it has become instrumental on how I got into this business. I had to adjust my lifestyle because of the pandemic, I don't need the expensive ones because this can be washed easily and keep us safe. I felt that I had to open up myself more because this is how I am, I developed my sense of style, I'm not trendy, I choose things that are right and feel good. With my sisters business, I saw how you have to really manage it, do marketing, because we know showbiz isn't really forever, so you have to make sure you're wise with my investments. So far, I think I'm doing good."

She also had future plans and some answered wishes from current customers. Shaina says "We all started with all original canvass, but people have been requesting for colors and starting today we're offering black, army green, and perhaps blue ones after this launch. We're also launching clothes soon, so stay tuned for that!"

If you want to see what Organized Chicas Lifestyle has to offer, follow their IG account @organizedchicas and order through there. This is a cause that will help a lot of people. Stay chic!


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