BDO and Huawei Join Forces to Provide Inclusive Financial Services for Filipinos

Saturday, July 24, 2021

If you are currently using any form of online banking in the Philippines, consider yourself lucky. Over half the population only have access to that and although a lot of Filipinos have access to the internet and social media, a lot have still no access through financial technology.

We have all been very active online which you probably see on online voting competitions when a Filipino bet is included. BDO knows at the current rate, they need to improve more of their services so Filipinos have access to it. April this year, BDO launched BDO Pay which is a mobile wallet solution so more people have access to digital banking and contact-less payment systems. This expansion was made possible through Huawei's OceanStore Dorado All Flash Storage solution which does reliable, secure and future proof way of storing information on the cloud platform. It safeguards all of the data of the bank including transaction history. This solved a lot of BDO's infrastructure needs over the years and since business grew, they needed to scale up fast, safe and efficiently.

The old system needed automation and this solved it including operation and maintenance of the system. Previously, they got hounded with complaints on certain occasions that they did it through manual ways. Digitizing made it accurate, easier to diagnose and very efficient. BDO also upgraded to Vitrual Private Cloud as part of their innovations, and with Huawei right by their side, they'll maintain BDO's leading post as the largest bank in the country.


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