Klea Pineda Opens Up on Why She's Not Joining Pageants YET

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Klea Pineda just renewed her contract with GMA and GMA Artist Center. With the Never Say Goodbye star doing this, what does she expect to do with GMA this year? For starters, there's a lot on the pipeline and aside from that, she'll be doing projects with other stars from the same network. We talked to her this afternoon after she signed with GMA and Artist Center executives.

Klea says "I don't really have an expectation, whatever the management chooses for me, what character I play, I'm willing to do it. I believe they won't give me something that wouldn't help with my career. I don't want to be stuck in one love team, I want to be with different leading men so I can grow as an actor. I want to work with my co starstruck batch like Arra, Jay, Ayra, Prince, it's been so long since I have worked with them, more so in a regular show. I wish we could do that. I chose to stay in GMA because they gave me a break, they gave me the opportunity, they opened doors to fulfill my dreams. I came from auditions, I lined up, I really started from scratch and they believe in me. In the future, I hope to have a family of my own but still work here as a Kapuso. Harlene and I was just hanging out, we recorded it and posted online and you can see how we bonded so fast like we have already worked previously. Max, Lauren, Ms. Snooky, we all worked for the first time and we bonded over that during the locked in taping. It's not the end of the pairing with Jeric, I am happy to be paired with others so I can learn from other artists, I don't want to be stucked in a loveteam and Jeric knows that I want to be with other leading men in this industry because you will learn a lot from other artists too. Jeric and I bonded over regional shows, when we promote things, we are together, we have coffee in the morning, he's a very good gentleman, but our friendship won't end there. We still send each other messages, we support each other, talk when we have shows and he's very supportive. Our friendship is very matured. I wish for a primetime show, but it will happen in time. I'll feel fulfilled when I hear my show will be next after 24 oras, and with Bea Alonzo of course."
Here's the rest of the interview on video, enjoy!

Klea will be working with Jak Roberto, Lauren Young and Snooky Serna on Never Say Goodbye under the GMA Entertainment Group so stay tuned for that!


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