JEREMIAH TIANGCO Releases New Single "Sa Tuwing Umuulan"

Friday, July 30, 2021

I always envied his haircut and over the years, his fashion sense has definitely admired by so many. In his latest IG stories, I've seen how the monsoon rains have been not too kind in Cavite and yes, even his house was affected these past few days.

We got to get in touch with Jeremiah Tiangco, the Clash champ himself a few days ago because he just released his newest single called "Sa Tuwing Umuulan". He's worked hard to make this single his best together with songwriter Arnie Mendaros. Listening to recently, it had a different vibe, a little funk and R&B and smooth vocal runs which Jeremiah has been known for. Honestly, if I had wine or coffee and it was raining outside, this would be the perfect song to listen to. Here's the rest of the blog conference where we also talked about his plans and perhaps his vision of "not being single" anymore in the coming years.

Anyway, Jeremiah's single "Sa Tuwing Umuulan" is now out on digital streaming sites so go download it and stream today! This is under GMA Music.

Congrats Miah! I love your voice, your music, and hope God blesses you more with more songs and opportunities. You deserve it!



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