LJ REYES Renews Ties with GMA Artist Center

Saturday, July 03, 2021

LJ Reyes doesn't have to prove anything. With a Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress award on her belt, she's one of the few stars from GMA that has done the legwork and succeeded in impressing critics in several award giving bodies. She's now taking everything in stride, taking care of Paolo and her kids. She also hosts a throng of shows, does influencer projects and is currently vlogging. Above all, she is a mother who would do everything for her family and her passions. Recently, she signed up again with GMA Artist Center. We got to talk to her the day after and it was so nice to see how she's managed to do all these things and more. I remember her telling us that GMA actually asks her what she wants to happen in her career, asks her what she wants to accomplish and do. I think that alone made the difference. 

LJ says "It's been a very colorful journey, I remember the rainbow colors of GMA when I do this. It's hard not to look back to the experiences, now that you have no work. I can't just leave my kids at home, I'm so happy and feel very rewarding to be still here in the industry. I didn't get to experience to be a child actor, Pao and I agree that it's better for them to have a private life, to have education, to do projects on the side but want it to be more normal. Even if they are not artists yet, there's social media. I feel both of them should have that for themselves as they are growing. I was able to experience that unlike Pao, which we both think they would prefer, they need to experience life. Anytime naman, if they were to choose to be part of this, we would be there to guide them. Aki wants to dance a lot, but now, he's a little conscious. He wants to post something that he would choose, and he's getting the hang of it."
About working with Pao, she says "Pao and I have worked in small projects already, but if we do have had the chance to make him a contrabida for me, we would probably laugh a lot in scenes, that would be really challenging if it happens. But that's very interesting, we talk about that often. We hope we would be able to produce it on our own, Pao has an eye for producing, we would want to grow as artists and we look forward to that." 

Here's part of our interview with LJ that afternoon

Make sure you follow her social media handles and Artist Center because definitely, she's going to have more projects and guestings this year. You bet you'll see her shine even brighter as she stayed with GMA.


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