GoShopping Philippines Officially Launched in the Country

Saturday, July 31, 2021

GoShopping Philippines has been launched today. It's a locally based retail shopping app and is available on the Google Play store and App Store on iOS.

Their CEO Neil G. La-as was there and he says "You are about to witness the birth of GoShopping Philippines. Our country has been taken over by international ecommerce companies, but the truth is, a lot of anomalies has been happening like fake items, bogus sellers, victimizing ordinary shoppers. Ours is a Filipino owned company and corporation, and we will be doing the business every Pinoy wants to have, one with protection and value for money. You need a platform that is free from scamming, this is the answer for it. We will bring one truth, we need our transactions online to be safe. We will unveil the newest ecommerce app in the country, GoShopping Philippines."

Sheryl Nacino of Metrodeal Philippines says "We've seen online platforms come and go and we've been actively looking for collaborations with corporations with the same vision. We would like to congratulate GoShopping Philippines for having us in the largest online shopping mall, may this opportunity to work with you flourish."

Michael Herrera of Tourismo.ph adds "I know it's been a while, I know how much you've worked on this app and I'm looking forward to work with you and Tourismo.ph"

Cesar Cruz of PhilTOA "This will be a better possibility, a better platform and with PhilTOA that comes from the hospitality industry and travel related industries. We are proud to say, we have the most accredited establishments from the DOT. The quality of the products of the platform is assured, selling packages and tourism products really works. Booking and payment will be easy, make sure you visit the Travelzone section of the app so you can see what we offer. Thank you!"

The reason this app exists is to offer Philippine products and services to Filipinos. For sellers who want to be part of this, you may email info@goshoppingphilippines.com. They have their regulatory process before you can become a seller on the platform. They have different content (they have their own shows in app), deals, and products on the platforms. They also have the products on hand before you see it on the app. 

Now who's up for shopping?  


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