Jose Maria College Signs Deal with Huawei

Friday, July 23, 2021

Jose Maria College (JMC), a private non sectarian school founded by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy in Davao City just signed a deal with tech giant and innovations player Huawei in hopes to be ready for the 5th industrial revolution in running school technology. It was formally done last July 6th 2021 and with it comes a throng of platforms and tools that would help students reach educational materails easily via propreitary Learning Management Systems, Virtual Laboratories, VR systems, Smart Campus and so much more.

Ken Sentorias the ICT Directorof JMC says "Our companies are in the same page when it comes to commitment which is to deliver the best educational tech. This just means the opportunities for growth in our sector will be limitless now that we have them as our partners."

JMC believes this will bring the institution closer to its goal of delivering quality education throughn IT just like in Japan, China and the US. They are planning to announce something even bigger next year so stay tuned for that!


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