Thursday, July 29, 2021

It's been a phenomenal year for Sanya Lopez. Even if we were under the pandemic, she's copped a lead role for First Yaya and paired with the legendary Gabbi Concepcion. Her first reaction was, "Wait, what? Why is this being given to me? After being teased for Ms. Marian Rivera, I really was a little confused at first but after hearing her reasons from management, I understood how important it is for a mother to take care of her children."

She's also keen on doing a role to perhaps do a superhero, if that would be given to her. She's optimistic that anything can happen because she's been given a lot. God was in a way blessing her with so much than she's even hoped for and with all the brands believing with her, plus the shows being entrusted to her, she is hopeful that this will all continue with her contract renewal with GMA Artist Center.

She will be also celebrating her birthday on August 9 and she wouldn't even wish for anything but health for her family and her loved ones. She also hopes that soon, everything will be alright and we'll all get to keep our relationships intact. She also hopes that her love life improves, she's looking for someone that respects women, her family, and love them too. She mentions "I don't really go for looks, just the personality, but if they have abs and good looks, that's a bonus!"

Can't wait for Sanya to shine even brighter. She deserves all the blessings because she's a very kind person. I've known her for a couple of years, and she remained that humble.


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