OFW Home Investments and Optimism in the Philippines

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

New heroes as they are called, Overseas Filipino Workers have continued to help their families at home. Their hope, is to finally one day go back and see the fruits of their labor and perhaps see their loved ones get decent jobs and live in a house that they could call their own. While this sacrifice doesn't go unnoticed at home, it's a hard life for often overworked Filipinos and the situation with the pandemic surely didn't help.

Red Rosales the President of BRIA Homes says "These are just some of the reasons why OFW's still wish to invest in homes in the Philippines. As the pandemic still is happening, property investments remain steadfast and resilient. More people chose to live where they are from and BRIA have been strategically located in different places where the community grows. These are wise investments they could give their children and prepare for their future." 



The value of these properties also appreciate over time, not to mention become even more accessible as government projects near completion. Since more of these properties are in the north, your choice could be near Clark International Airport, the cargo rail, connector roads, the MRT7 of which all could benefit travelers to and from Manila. Aside from that, these sites are well planned and situated in communities that are near places of worship, markets, schools, and have amenities that the whole family could enjoy. These are also secure, livable townships with CCTV and security to make sure you are safe inside your neighborhood of which are all located in progressive provinces in the north and south of Manila.

You too can own one because it is possible. BRIA Homes take pride of what they build in these places and assure it follows their mission of giving affordable and quality units. Whether it's house and lot or condominium units, you're sure to get the best one because it's a BRIA.

You may visit their official site www.bria.com.ph or their social channels by searching for Bria Homes, Inc. on FB, Twitter, IG and others. Give them a call today via 0939-887-9637.


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