Huawei Does Good Beyond School Borders

Friday, July 16, 2021

Looks like STI College just got another feather to its hat as Huawei Philippines conferred to them the ICT Partner of the Year Award for 2020. For being an institution that makes sure their students are job, future and life ready, they have garnered the highest percentage of passing scores via Huawei Certifications of the Huawei ICT Academy. 

STI College also makes use of their existing Enrollment to Employment program in order to make sure their students get equipped with useful certifications they need to land the job in the outside world. Their curriculum is also adept, making sure they have the right equipment, highly skilled faculty to teach to keep their course is above standard. They have partner corporations who readily get students for training, preparing them for their dream jobs and getting them ready for 22 technical fields they can apply for. Oh and yes, the academy has over 100 certification exams you can take so there's so much of these that can coincide with your specialty/interest. Whether you're in cloud computing, big data, AI, networking or storage, they've got that assured and trusted with their different partners. Industry certifications are a big deal especially if your qualifications need something tangible, to start work from day 1.

It's very competitive out there and without these guarantees that they're getting the right people for the job, it would be costly for them to run businesses without the personnel who had the training. With Huawei and their partner schools further their cause, that New Value Together, Win Together call would be a reality. That's a good thing.


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