IKEA Family Membership Starts on JULY 7

Thursday, July 01, 2021


IKEA, the biggest one in the world is set to open soon in the Philippines. The thing is, they're letting you in on the fun before you enjoy the ready to assemble furniture, appliances, accessories and meatballs that the brand is known for. It's called IKEA Family.

IKEA Family is a home furnishing club that's already 150 Million strong around the world. This membership will be free starting July 7, best for those who would want to make their homes their passion. You can also use it for help as members would get perks, points on purchases, benefits and experiences to be given all year round, a thing that you should be loving on the day it opens on the 4th quarter of 2021.

IKEA Family members will get the chance to earn, redeem points and enjoy special prices so if you're building your. Membership is FREE, go family.ikea.com.ph and click join now. Fill up the details and register on that day (IKEA Family Day), it's that easy to join. To celebrate, they'll be picking three winners will get 50,000 pesos shopping spree, that would be a whole lot of furniture if you ask me. Members will also get special rates on the IKEA menu, with their world famous meatballs on hand, you'll need that. More so because it's really good.

It would be like a city, you would find inspiration for what you need. You would need comfortable shoes, walk around 4 hours and get acquainted to pick pieces that would fit your design aesthetic. Most of their products present minimalist. Members will get invites to events, as you'll get email for these special days and it'll be about life at home. There will also be "Circle of Life" items that you will get to see, so you get educated about what happens to a product when it is manufactured. Now remember, they plan to onboard about 100,000 people on this day. For those who will be able to join, they'll get a chance to win the prizes mentioned above. Winners will be announced on the 10th, so make sure you also follow their official social media channels. With a lifetime membership, you'll absolutely love it! So if you love IKEA, make sure you're in!

By the way, IKEA is pronounced as Eeekehyah not Aykeeyah. See you online then!


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