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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

We visited an Amaia site a few days ago to check out what they had to offer. They call this particular project STEPS and it's located a few meters away from Loyola Memorial Park in Sucat. I am actually trying to look for a condo unit my self so I listened quite attentively for what this organization had to offer, and for starters I was impressed because this project was not particularly "high rise" but belong to a more quaint "medium rise" kind of structure. Although they have that on their portfolio, we took some time checking this out and price wise it was worthy of my attention. We got schooled first. 

Good looking Sixto Sengson from Ayala Land who's in charge of the Southern Luzon projects showed us how much care they actually give each parcel of land and how they make communities out of it. They also showed a preview of their other properties and got us to understand that the Amaia line would be affordable, and you can get your own home even if you are just starting.

The Studio (Approximately 23.31 Square Meters)

A bare room wouldn't really say much but they showed us another room that just made me realize its full potential. A little interior design wouldn't hurt right? =)

A sofa bed, your own kitchen, and your bathroom. All the necessities, its not a limited space after all!

The Premier (Approximately 40 Square Meters)

Then we saw the other larger spaces. This is the Premier.

This one looks awesome. Maybe if you are just starting a family this would be the perfect place to stay in.

The Deluxe (Approximately 39.1 Square Meters)

The one I saw that was apt for me was this one. It's a one bedroom space and for guys who would want to just be independent, wouldn't this be a place to brag about with your friends? =)

A place to stay, to do your office work... a place you can call your own. Amaia gives you the chance to make it in the real world. You can own your condominium unit and pay the monthly without breaking the bank. You should also take a look at their other properties like Amaia Skies Sta. Mesa South Tower, Amaia Skies Avenida North Tower, Amaia Steps Pasig Phase 1A and Amaia Skies Cubao Tower 2. You just need to see what fits you. So call (02)4037633 ot (02)4037644 or logon to and check out their properties on site because quality and affordability can go together with Amaia.

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Mario Verdan said...

nice unit... gusto ko rin yong one bedroom... check ko nga websites nila...

KUMAGCOW said...

Naks napasyal si Mar hehe :) Naku bibili na agad

Mario Verdan said...

hahaha, pag-isipan ko muna sir! may unit ka na ba dyan?

KUMAGCOW said...

I'm thinking... baka ang kunin ko yung sa Cubao banda... kasi this one is in Sucat it's kinda far

el toro bumingo said...

Amaia... hmmm... sounds familiar... 'di ba yan yung teleserye ni Marian? :)