The Right Note

Saturday, May 04, 2013

It's been a while since I've updated you with what I've been doing with my music. I've recorded four tracks and had it all on raw piano. Doing that made me realize how important this heirloom piece is for our family. It's even older than me I guess and honestly putting a price on these things would probably be offending my forefathers. It's been with us for a long time and I haven't been able to think about selling it for a more modern model. That includes my comparison to Steinway Prices too. The reason I'm considering it is because I couldn't do without maintenance. Tuning this old one up every year also is costing me. Finding who'll do that is also a big problem so I am weighing my options as early as now.

The price of these items in this part of the world isn't a joke. It would cost an arm and a leg; or other body parts on some instances. The question is; would I spend something for a new one or do I just keep this? You think about all the people who held each key of this wonderful piece of history and you can't succumb thinking you'll end a generation of musicians who kept this within our home for the last half century. If that isn't one thing I should consider then I don't know what will. See my dilemma? It's not just a piece of furniture for our family; it's the memories that come with it that's important. It's like answering if the piano is a percussion or string instrument, you'll never know in your lifetime the right answer. Maybe my future kids' one of these days would know. As for now, I'll probably have to carry the burden of making this a part of my life. It won't work if I just have it sit there and collect dust. Maybe one day if the music I make becomes understandable for one or more people I'll probably find this all worth it... just like my forefathers did. I just need to find the right note.



mac callister said...

naks! ang personal ng post a. its nice to read something like this fr you hihihi

ZaiZai said...

Just keep playing and you'll find the right note :) Really nice that you have a family heirloom and that you value it :)