Zanjoe Marudo stars in Bromance - It's worth every cent!

Friday, May 31, 2013

It was so nice to see Zanjoe Marudo again. The last time I did was the movie with Toni Gonzaga I think. This time though, he had a more reserved and confident aura. You can really feel that he's matured, acting wise he's definitely gained more experience over the years. Have you watched his latest film Bromance? Well, if you haven't... you'll be sorry because box office is dictating 50 Million in earnings. If that doesn't say it's good then you might want to have your eyes checked. 

In Bromance, Zanjoe Marudo turns gay. Yes, not permanently; but its just for the role. I don't know anybody who's 6 foot something that had to do that but just thinking about the plot of the movie it just makes me laugh already. It's not about the gayness though that this particular movie concentrates on. It's more about family, and what people could do for someone they love. 

It was actually easy for him to work with Direk Wenn Deramas. He had the set and cast feel light because that's what he wants the movie to be. With the experience that Zanjoe has in Banana Split/Banana Nite, it obviously helped him a lot with what to do in this film because the technicalities of timing, execution and humor were all but a normal thing in that program. Zanjoe feels blessed to be part of that crew, working here though was nothing different. You had to do everything too and Direk Wenn would actually make that easy for you. It's not easy to make someone laugh, more so tell that to an audience; but once you do you succeed sending the message then it's all good. You get that sense of fulfillment that you made every cent that these patrons spend in the movie house "WORTH IT" Zanjoe says. That's what he says is the best complement he has ever heard.

It's still showing on theaters nationwide. Yes, so hurry and watch Bromance; I'm watching it tomorrow with friends. This movie is worth every cent!

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