Circuit Fest Music and Skate Concert Happening On May 25th at Circuit Makati!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

It feels like God has been good to our country with the numerous bands coming to our shores. This one actually would shock you. It's like bringing the whole West side to the Philippines and mind you the bands are no joking matter. Imagine the likes of Yellow Card, Mayday Parade, We are the In Crowd, The Downtown Fiction, This Century, All Star Weekend, A+ Dropouts, Megan Nicole and Before You Exit all in one awesome place like Circuit Makati plus a multitude of skaters from Manila and the US converge for what is dubbed as CIRCUIT FEST MUSIC AND SKATE which will all happen on May 25th, 2013 at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds. Wouldn't that be amazing?! 

We even talked to some of the artists and bands a few days ago through Skype and phone calls. One things for sure, they are so excited to come to the country and perform for everyone come that evening. Would you believe I even talked to Riley Hawk? Yeah you heard that right, he's the son of THE Tony Hawk and he's so awesome on the board too if you haven't seen it. I'm a huge fan of this guy and I was shaking the mere instance he spoke to me over the phone. I'll probably let him sign my back when he comes over for the music and skate fest! Willy Santos also will be there so I'm sure this will be one SICK skate park in the making!

They also announced a new area to be opened so you can purchase tickets as low as 800 pesos if you prefer a more economic way of doing this. But really, wouldn't you want to see them up close? :)

So make sure on the eve of May 25th you'll have your tickets ready because CIRCUIT MAKATI's CIRCUIT FEST Music and Skate event will blow your mind on what it truly means to have fun! Oh and I almost forgot to tell you guys about one thing, Mark Salling of popular show GLEE will be hosting the show!

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