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Monday, May 06, 2013

Who among you has been following DUGONG BUHAY in Kapamilya Gold? I do! And the story is just about to get more hot as the next generation of actors take lead in the next few days because as the plot unfolds there will be more things happening to the characters of Ejay Falcon who plays Gabriel de Lara / Victor Bernabe, Arjo Atayde who plays Rafael de Lara, my favorite Yam Concepcion who plays Sandy De Guzman and Jed Montero who plays Trisha. We got the chance to talk to them a couple of weeks ago during a pocket press conference and seeing Yam again and the rest of the cast was something I was really looking forward to.

Ejay Falcon is still working out and it shows because he lost a lot of weight. He's becoming more firm and muscled as the show continues. Arjo Atayde on the other hand is making his presence felt in the acting arena and he's probably going to fall on a category with the likes of John Lloyd Cruz; the press said they are seeing his image become more and more matured but definitely leading man quality. He doesn't need to be buffed in order to grab attention. Yam Concepcion has definitely improved acting wise since she started doing indie films in the past. It was a good training ground she says and it shows on this particular series. She also said she's lost a lot of weight because she's working hard. This body is one year in the making and I must say, she looks VERY good. I love her LOL! Jed Montero says she's enjoying working with everyone and they have bonded quite a lot these past few months since they started shooting. She's also thankful that her sports experience helped her stay in shape but it didn't quite help as much in portraying the role of Trisha as she's more feminine and totally opposite of who she is in real life.

Ketchup Eusebio came in a little late but said he will be doing his job just like the rest of the cast. He feels this might be a small role but he's providing humor on the show and for what its worth he's pretty cool with it even if it won't be something big story wise, watch how the script and his character becomes more exciting as the days go by. Even if he doesn't get feedback from Twitter of Facebook he says he's pretty much aware of what he's doing and he won't be affected if something negative would be said about him and this show. He's quite confident to tell he's been in the industry for years and he's never heard of anything bad about how he does his work. He just wants to do his job well.

The only comment I heard from the press was... this show is on the wrong time slot. For a production this big and a story this huge, it would but only be worthy of prime time viewing. The latest demographic shows even more Men like me are watching this show because it's both action packed and still full of drama. Make sure you watch the show weekdays at 3:30 PM in Kapamilya Gold (afternoon prime time).

I'm hooked, make sure you are too!

Oh and here's some more photos of Jed and Yam just for you guys! ☺

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