Taters Snack League: New Burgers + More Snacks On Their Menu!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You might have passed this counter countless times and never even bother checking out what they had to offer. I'm bringin out my guns and tell you point blank, there's more to this awesome spot than your favorite Popcorns and Sodas. I sat down and took time out a few of their products which I hope you'll eventually try and get to know too. Listen up! Step right up and play ball! This place is called Taters!

The Interiors

 The tables and chairs are simple. Nothing fancy, and they have banquettes for those who want a more cozy spot. Colors are all red-orange with trims of black and silver. It's reminiscent of a 50's or 60's cafe without the usual pancakes and coffee in the mix. 

Prices are still affordable but more on the medium range. I understand the owner probably chose quality over anything else because Ana Tanchangco, the lady owns business says her philosophy is not to serve anything that she wouldn't feed to her family. I totally agree on this! Taters Enterprises says most of the stores are franchised but they have percentage of ownership and have plans of expanding. They want to venture out of cinemas. So if you see a branch like the one in Bacolod Northpoint,  it is more of a fast food rather than a grab and go place like the ones in Manila. They also have full sandwiches with "supreme" tag and when they open more stores soon, it will probably follow this concept.

The Food

This particular branch I visited didn't have popcorns on the counter. They actually have other items on the menu and that's what I wanted to see in this particular instance. I wasn't disappointed =)

Upon ordering I saw this small game kiosk which is part of their GameON Summer Olympics promo where they give out prizes and food items on top of what you order.

Churkey Quarter Pounder - It's a quarter pound of Chicken and Turkey meat made into a patty on top of tomatoes, lettuce and smothered with mustard and ketchup. I immediately took a bite because I was really hungry. The bun was soft and the patty was juicy. The deal is, this one's pretty healthy because its got none of those saturated fat that most beef patties have.

Tater chips with White Cheese - Not your ordinary potato chips, this one can get so crispy which I absolutely love. Plus, you can opt for 4 other different flavors that they have in store. Barbecue is a close second, but really who doesn't love white cheese? :) They also have Tortilla, tofu chips and more tater chips if you prefer that.

Tuna Mushroom Burger - I can't seem to pinpoint which meat this was from but was totally surprised that it's made from Tuna and Mushrooms. I guess the mushrooms made the patty a tad more meaty. They also have tomatoes and lettuce under the patty but have a couple of tablespoons of barbecue sauce on top.

They also have plans of releasing ALL BEEF Hotdogs which will come out in June. All flavors will be inspired by American states like New York, Philly etc. which in my books is a smart choice. This Filipino owned store (since 1994 when they opened their Glorietta branch) wants to keep you and your movie watching habit + mall time a pretty pleasurable one. I also got a surprise from the crew because they gave out huge chocolate coins on top of what I ordered.

And it tastes pretty good!

You can also choose how big or small your drinks are so you can mix and match with your favorite burger or sandwich. So the next thing to do is just drag your family and friends to one of their branches. They've got two in Eastwood so just take your pick. Weather lunch or dinner, it's all good in Tater's. You should take a second look next time you drop by the store and think of buying just the popcorn... they definitely have more!

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