An Awesome Launch of "This is my Dole!"

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

When there's healthy food I usually shy away from it. I'm a carnivore but I can't discount the fact that these days, I need to change my lifestyle into something that's good for me. I enjoy fruits and juices though and I think I can bank on that when I'm furiously trying to lose  weight. I don't have to stay and eat boring stuff, I learned that a few days ago during the launch of "This is my Dole!

These guys who won awards from dance contests in the US actually made this drink a part of their lives. They were energetic, full of vigor and dancing wasn't tiring them at all. These guys are cool... and they drink one thing to keep them up on their feet, it's Dole!

They also announced their new celebrity endorsers; Chef Jeremy Favia, Bianca Valerio, Phil Younghusband, and Jon Avila. Just like me, they have their own favorites. They also say the same thing, "This is my Dole!". 

Chef Jeremy always uses Dole's Tomato Sauce for all his dishes. So that's why it's so good!

Ms. Bianca Valero's favorite is the Mandarin Orange, I love that too. It's not too sweet but has all the awesome fruit goodness in one cup!

 Phil Younghusband on the other hand always wants a cup or two of the Strawberry Jelly, I don't blame him why not  because I had some of those too on my fridge. 

Jon Avila to maintain that sculptured physique always see to it he gets Dole singles, variants of Pineapple juice flavors too!

Wherever you are and whatever you do, there is always one or more variant of Dole for you! Make sure you check out your local grocers, supermarkets and get some of these awesome fruit products that only one brand can bring. If you want all the nutritious content to be there and get lovely skin + a gorgeous body, changing your lifestyle and finding your own Dole is easy. This is my Dole! You should find yours too! =)

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