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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A skip and a hop away from my office is this gorgeous place where your dreams of oh so fluffy sweet pancakes can actually come true. It's been long awaited and we got first dibs on what this establishment has to offer. Are you ready for Slappy Cakes?

The Restaurant Interiors

The restaurant is right beside Starbucks 1880 and Ramen Bar so the layout is almost the same. Seating looks ample and they have occupied the area of former OSONHO that closed down. The bright orange interior is their signature look and signals a very lively all breakfast setting which they plan to do at the heart of Eastwood City. When you enter, it opens up to a bar that serves most of their drinks and it's also the same place where their pancake tubes come out. It's a mix of dark and grained wood, orange walls and the air conditioning is a little soft. Make sure you get the seats where you can have the air conditioning unit pouring out its power because you'll need it. There are griddles on all the tables where you can cook your own pancakes so that will really make this place a little hot than usual if not for that; its understandable though.

The Food

You can choose up to 5 different flavors of pancakes in this place and I must say, the Peanut Butter flavor is my favorite. But for those who prefer more healthier alternatives, you can opt for Whole Grain or Vegan. Kids would certainly enjoy the Buttermilk, Chocolate and Peanut Butter so if you are trying out this place you should definitely bring your family.

Just imagine how much fun you can actually have making your own designs using different flavors, then top it off with bacon, creme fresh, lemon custard, strawberry jam, fruits, nuts and almost everything you can think of. They have lots of choices so take your pick. I love the chocolate chips on mine though which made my pancakes really sweet! Make sure when you are around the area, take some time off and visit their store where breakfast can be served all day, your way! Plus, they've got cocktails, mocktails and fresh juices that can get you going for that next pancake bottle. =)

They'll be opening more branches here and around the world so just wait for Slappy Cakes to be in your neighborhood soon!

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