Circuitfest 2013: Awesome Acts, Music and More at Circuit Makati

Saturday, June 01, 2013

It was an epic week indeed with the throngs of bands and skaters who appeared during CIRCUITFEST 2013 at the grand Circuit Makati grounds. What usually was just a good afternoon turned into an epic day in epic proportions because I was one of the few people who got to see all of them in posh Buddha Bar in Makati. I'll let you enjoy the photos first. =)

Circuitfest 2013 is all about 9 International bands, and world class Skateboarding Acts. Imagine they were all there in one room. I got goosebumps seeing Yellow Card, Mayday Parade, We are the In Crowd, The Downtown Fiction, This Century, All Star Weekend, A+ Dropouts, Megan Nicole and Before You Exit. They were all ultra fun in person. I got a laugh everytime they crack jokes with other bands during the interview. I specifically like Yellow Card, the kids and Megan Nicole. I'm more of a Pop person I guess but don't diss my favorites on the other acts because they are equally good too.

Ryan Key didn't get sleep but they had their energy during the show. No matter how 3AM sounds like for their jetlag they still performed quite well because the fans gave them more energy than what they need.

Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade said the Philippines is one of the best places they have been ever been too. Connor McDonough of Before You Exit was a little worried because it rained during the show but the people didn't even  budge or took shelter. Everyone stayed under the rain. Joel Kanitz thanked everyone for staying that long. They love their Filipino fans and they gave their all performing on stage. Cameron Leahy said everyone should wave their umbrellas, and that they did during Downtown Fiction's set. The others said the same and they all enjoyed their stay in the Philippines. I'm sure this isn't the last time they are going to Circuit Makati.

Willy Santos and Riley Hawk entertained the skate enthusiasts and made every trick count. Flips, kicks and ramp exhibitions were all outstanding! I want to go back and do that too.

I can't wait to see what they have next year for Circuit Fest 2014!

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