HERO Foundation: It's time to be HEROES for our HEROES' CHILDREN!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I went to Trinoma a few days ago to attend the launch of the new donation boxes that the HERO Foundation was putting up in strategic locations nationwide. These new boxes actually contain something evidently touching because on the half part of it are dog tags. It symbolizes the soldiers who have donated their lives for the country. Now it's your turn to help them out!

You see, we have men and women working in the Armed Forces to keep our country safe from those who want to wreak havoc or occupy it. Some also are insurgents in the South or communists rebels too. In the battle field, there are heavily armed men and these soldiers can either get hurt or slain while serving their country. What happens is that they leave their families and relatives behind. Who's going to take care of them? Who's going to pay for their education? That's where the HERO Foundation comes in to help.

HERO Foundation has helped hundreds of kids to go to school and they continually are getting huge corporations as sponsors so these kids who had their parents killed in action or disabled still have a chance to finish their studies and help their own families too.

Take for example this gallant solider who nearly lost his life to an ambush by rebels in Mindanao. He couldn't work anymore and he has kids who are still studying. He wanted to have himself killed even so the enemies won't get information from him. God and some of his fellow soldiers helped him and after he has survived, HERO foundation helped him to get his daughter be sent to school.

Celebrities and bands like SixCycleMind and Callalily also attended the event so they could show their support for HERO Foundation. This is Kean Cipriano's birthday so it was really special for him to finally get to help a foundation such as HERO. These bands know how important education is for these kids and they didn't hesitate to help when they were asked. They even performed for the crowd and made it even more special by dedicating songs to the cause. Here's an excerpt of their performances that afternoon!

One of the most memorable things that I remember during the event was this moment where Ms Ces Drilon interviewed one of the kids. His Father was killed during an operation and he was left together with his Mom and 10 other siblings taking alms from other families in their community; and the small things they have were of course not enough to support their family. Having HERO foundation by their side to support this kid's education was a glimmer of hope. 

The Mom wanted this kid to finish his studies so they could have a better life. The kid dropped his Father's dog tag as a symbolic gesture to the cause. He sincerely hope people get to help this cause so kids like him would be able to go back to school so they could fend for themselves as they grow older, and in turn help their individual families too. The government admittedly only has enough funds for one kid and HERO foundation wants to add more so all of them could get an education, then later on a career so they become responsible members of the society.

For those who would like to help the HERO Foundation, there are new boxes spread throughout major malls in Metro Manila and nationwide. Try to drop a peso or more so these kids would have the education they deserve. It's great that non government agencies like HERO Foundation are starting to fulfill dreams of these less fortunate families of our soldiers who have served their country well. Or better yet you can contact them on their social media channels:

HERO Foundation, Inc.
 Or visit their office at:

Room 203, 2nd Floor, AFP-GIC Bldg.
EDSA corner B. Serrano Street, 1110
Quezon City, Philippines
Phone    (+632) 912-0361, (+632) 912-9330 and 0917-822 HERO (4376)
You can also Email them at info@herofoundation.com.ph
or donate@herofoundation.com.ph

Visit their Official Website at 


It's about time to be HEROES for our HEROES' CHILDREN!


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