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Sunday, June 02, 2013

It's that time of the year where thousands of models, designers, make up artists and brands converge for the much awaited Philippine Fashion Week celebration at the SMX Convention Center and we're pretty glad to have been invited to cover; this time for popular jeans brand JAG and their show JAG ORIGINS. It's a total breather from the normal walk-shoot-bow and next show thing we've been doing in the past because they are bringing something new to the catwalk. Actually, this is more of a learning experience for all fashionistas, enthusiasts and practitioners as they have invited one of the most influential ladies in the world of fashion. A mere utter of her name made me say OMG a couple of times and mind you I am not alone. Jag Origins presents the one and only Fashion Director at Elle and Marie Claire, and judge of popular reality TV show Project Runway... Ladies and gentlemen.. Nina Garcia!

We were so lucky enough to have been able to secure seats around 6 people away from Nina Garcia herself but of course she was hounded by everyone else. She had that aura of kindness, generosity and pretty much said yes to everyone who wanted to experience being with her. It's her first time in the country and nobody had a clue what she'll be doing in this show. This is consequently Jag Origin's first outing and to start it off in a good note, we had a fashion show ensue at the start of the event.

Greeting everyone was the beautiful Sarah Meier. She also introduced dignitaries and special people in the audience. This is the start of JAG ORIGINS.

They surprised everyone with the gorgeous Binibining Pilipinas beauty queens. See if you can identify some of them. =)

These ladies were clad in faux leather, jeans that are skinny in all the right places. It hugs on the female form and presents a more tight way of showing the assets. I loved it on these women!

Then they showed JAG's new collection. It was good because they never fared away from the things that are wearable. It was nothing unconventional and still oh so comfortable.

I love the structured jackets, the denim jackets, the shirts, the jumpers and the pop of colors on some of the items. These things are not that expensive too so if you plan to have the basics on your wardrobe, and have the perfect pair of jeans; you better give JAG a second look.

JAG ORIGINS: Norman Noriega

It's my first time to see him but I've heard a lot of things about Norman Noriega. First impression? Flowy, dark and contrasting.

I love the white ones and this red piece he did for the finale. This was all witnessed by Nina Garcia herself mind you and starting off with Norman was nice. It was dark, but still feminine. It doesn't bulge up on some areas; it was all good. I love the drama that it exudes. He probably did that on purpose. Good job!

JAG ORIGINS: Jeffrey Rogador

He's an award winning designer and just like Norman Noriega he has done a couple of stints outside the country. I've seen his holiday collection last year and it was mostly light, very detailed tops that represented his collection made specifically for men. This time, he had to work with jeans as the primary fabric and also tailor make pieces that are apt for the show. His tops were gorgeous and unpredictable. Here you go!

Just look at this nice jacket and those lines of floral/cryptic fabric on the jeans. It's definitely something out of the ordinary.

I loved what he did on all the jeans and skirts on this bit. However I am holding back on the tops that the two last guys. Maybe the shoulders and the sleeves wasn't tailored properly. Or it might be the model. Everything else though is great and I like the details he put on the shoes. Those metal parts are giving me shopping urges. This collection was good.

JAG ORIGINS: Jerome Salaya Ang

I remember this guy specifically shocking everyone on his 2011 collection by making up alien looking faces on all his models. It made his work pop out more that year and today, he's still doing awesome details on these pieces he's showing to Nina Garcia. The drama, the clothes were all stunning. I loved how he used the stage, the lighting to play along with his designs. Take a look at this!

I had to give it to him. The details on his clothes, the gems, the beadwork, the french inspired embroidery and gold pieces were a dead giveaway. I LOVE HIS COLLECTION. It was a great thing he was last because that was an AWESOME finale! 

They will be having a similar show next year but this time it'll be other designers. It will be a contest of sorts and they will be battling against each other. They must come out with their guns and make JAG ORIGINS a war zone for fashion. It'll bring out the best of the best in the Philippines and I can't wait for the roster of talents that will come out of the show.

Then we had to have the pièce de résistance. Ladies and gentlemen, NINA GARCIA!

JAG ORIGINS: Nina Garcia

No other than Boy Abunda himself was there to do the interview. I knew it was going to be exciting but now that the interviewer was going to be more personal and outspoken, it's surely is going to be big.

With her credentials, nobody could probably match what she has to bring on the table. Boy Abunda introduced her with much gusto and fervor. Then she passed by me! Hehe :)

Then she sat down and went to business. Boy Abunda asked so many questions about the fashion industry and what it takes to make it. For those who don't know, Nina Garcia actually started everything with a dream. She didn't hesitate to submit resume's or proposals to all the establishments. She made an effort to do internships and legwork to make it to the best designers; ultimately to work with people who are the best in the industry. She never backs out of a challenge and made sure that she realizes her dreams. With passion and hard work, she later on became a staple for fashion magazines. Now as Fashion Director for Marie Claire, she's on top of her career and still gunning for more. She's an inspiration not only to people in the fashion industry, but to anyone who wants to realize their dreams!

I had my moment right here when she looked at me. Thank you JAG for making JAG ORIGINS possible. We were able to see great people like her because of you. This will be a yearly event as they mentioned. and they will be bringing in more experts in the industry next time. I don't know how they will be able to top this because Nina Garcia is NINA GARCIA. 

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