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Friday, June 21, 2013

Photo - HP Slate7

This has been the heavily awaited piece of hardware from HP. This is the HP Slate 7, the premier Android powered tablet produced by HP. You get to enjoy the fast interface and direct access to Google Play store for things like apps, maps, chat, music, rich multi-media capabilities. It's also got you covered on the latest security measures and applications on the first ever HP Android tablet.

This device has got signature Beats branded audio so you can only expect engineering designed for the best sounding, richest audio for a tablet. The HP Slate 7 also has integrated printing capability so you can have it produce your files, photos and print them wirelessly. Each HP Slate 7 comes with pre-loaded apps for productivity and play. There are lots of choices in the Google Play store if you opt for something else. The built-in WiFi keeps you connected to email, your social media channels and more. Take advantage of this tablet's MicroSD Expansion slot if you prefer more capacity for videos, photos and your personal files.

Mr. Albert Mateo, HP's General Manager for PPS said. that this product will be able to contend in the Philippine market instantly and they expect the value conscious shopper to frenzy over the possibilities they can do with the HP Slate7 as soon as it gets here.
The HP Slate 7 will be retailed for Php 7,990.00. This will surely take the Android based device market by storm and the Philippines will surely be one of the few who would get their hands on this device! Make sure you check out your favorite retailers, shops and electronic device stores nationwide!

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