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Thursday, June 20, 2013

She's one of the most beautiful faces that has graced the small screen and silver screen. Coming from a lineage of gifted actors like her father, the one and only King Fernando Poe Jr., she has a lot to prove. Honing her talent and becoming one of the most sought after actresses of her time, Lovi has made her name and now has broken ground on the industry she now calls her own. She has waited so patiently, and now the time has come to finally launch her own fragrance. This is LOVE AFFAIR by Lovi Poe.

The event started with the curtains down, then this fashion editorial cum music video was shown to the public. This is a composition by the artist formerly known as Viktoria. Shown on a large video wall, it was a sight to behold! Everyone in the mall stopped to check it out... even Lovi Poe was seeing this for the first time. 

I can't wait for this to be played in stores or music channels soon!

Then when the curtains opened, Lovi Poe was in the middle donning a short skirt, tight red top and cute little cat ears.

The overall vibe of the music video and her song number was really enough to put us in the mood. It was all sexy, sultry, classy and totally Lovi Poe. Then after that, she did the next best thing and whipped out her moves too! Her backup dancers was formidable. It was tons of lifting and sexy moves, she indulged to show what she's got to the crowd!

She showed a more playful side to her personality and I've known Lovi Poe for quite some time now. It definitely feels that these are all the ingredients that make up who she is. She's fun, a real sweetheart then by a sudden costume change.... we saw the sexy and sultry part.

Wearing a red backless long gown, Lovi Poe lashes out another number with some of the country's most sought after male models. Her + Good Looking Guys = Perfect Pair!

Then we had the models do their thing on the runway!

Then these gorgeous guys came out and sprayed Lovi Poe's newest fragrance: Love Affair Eau de Toilette and the Love Affair Deo Body Spray. It was so good! I kept on closing my eyes and thought about how my lady would smell in this perfume. Wouldn't that be nice on you too ladies? =)

  To let you get a feel of the launch, here's the video that was played during the event!

See what I mean by sexy and sultry? I'm so happy for her!

Then she did another costume change and did the finale song and dance number!

Lovi Poe thanked everyone for coming and supporting her. She also said thanks to Bench for finally making her dreams come true. She's got her new fragrance now out in stores WORLDWIDE. Make sure when you drop by, checkout Love Affair - Eau de Toilette and Love Affair - Deo Body Spray. She is life in pure elegance. Her style is sophisticated. It's quintessential. Distinguished and daring. She's elegant all over. She's the one and only Lovi Poe!

I am extremely happy for you! You know that right? :)

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christian edward paul dee said...

I love Lovi! I wanna be like her...hihihihi

KUMAGCOW said...

Kaya pala medyo may hawig kayo LOL #HONGONDO!

christian edward paul dee said...

i know right!

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