Sarah Jessica Parker Opens The SM Store Aura!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

SM Aura just opened its doors to the public and it has gained quite a number of following in the past few days. I am still in disbelief that I was right in front of an A lister, a fashion icon, a lovely lady. Yes, I'm talking about Sarah Jessica Parker. Thanks to SM Aura Premier Management and The SM Store who got us first dibs in this event. This is a life changing moment for me and thousands of other celebrities, VIP's and ordinary Filipinos. I'll stop and let you take a look at what happened that evening.

I arrived a bit late because of traffic going to the venue. Everyone was so excited to be in SM Aura Premier and this lady who just happen to be one of my favorite stars in Hollywood is opening the mall. I am not worthy. I already saw her coming in but due to the multitude of press and VIP's trying to get a glimpse of her, I only could see her using this TV screen. A lot were put up around the mall, but I wasn't going to just stand there and shoot the TV screen right? I had to go near so I rushed to the front and tried to get photos while she was roaming around the mall.

You are seeing the crowd in front of the stage where they introduced Sarah Jessica Parker. As you can see, it was really impossible for me to get a shot of her with this in place. Then SJP had to roam around the department store, she was hounded by reporters and onlookers. I had to follow suit and maybe see if I can get a clear one at least.

As you can see I was failing miserably on taking a clear shot. That meant I had to skip and hop with 4 people in front of me. I could only get some shots of her hair. It was funny because I had to chase her in several floors, but alas I never got a clear shot. Then when she was whisked to a private room, I went to the press conference area and secured a seat. I stood my ground there.

Judging how close I was in the place where she'll be taking a seat, I must be really lucky if this crowd doesn't occupy the front area and be rowdy. I was praying oh.. don't get me started.

If you take a close look on this row. You'll find designers, celebrities, managers from big networks. They were all on SRO, just to get a glimpse of SJP!

Then they started the program. There were only a few people allowed to ask questions. And of course it was pandemonium when she came out to the press conference. I waited patiently for them to get settled. I patiently waited for the right time to take shots of one of the most interesting people in the world... and yes I'm seeing Sarah Jessica Parker CLEARLY. Thank you so much for The SM Store for this!

I think I got more than what I think I came for. I got the shots. I also got to see her in person. The way she answered questions was another thing. She was so nice in this sheer black number. She didn't have that much accessories. She was beautiful all over. You don't have to be so Las Vegas to show off what's good in you. A genuine disposition, a lovely aura brought about by your friends and family is enough. Her style is just simple. She wants to wear what she feels is right. She also says you don't have to follow people who you think are beautiful. You just have to find your own style and stick to it. If other people like you, then that's just a bonus. She was so humble. Oh really, I was in love with her!

Just like you, Sarah Jessica Parker loves to shop. Her ultimate kryptonite is shoes. SM Aura and The SM Store gives you these choices and had one of the greatest fashion icons in the world to tell you that you can do it in the Philippines. The SM Store has got you covered with the greatest brands on their shelves from sun up to sun down. Cheers to the weekend! Let's shop like you LOVE IT!

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Late ata ang post mo idol? Parang 1 month ago pa ang event na itech hehehe. Better late than never :)