Regatta: Opens New Store at the East Wing of Shangrila Mall

Friday, June 07, 2013

One look at this store and I am transported to the Hamptons. You always feel so preppy, neat and exquisitely water born because most of the styles are made with that in mind. A few days ago we were lucky to be the first ones who got to shop in their new Shangrila Mall East Wing branch. I was a a happy boy!

The Shop's Interiors

 The overall look and vibe was really nice. I wanted a vacation already when I saw the small details that they had on the store. The boats, the paddles, the sailor and beach trinkets here and there. It was all but a boy or a girl's dream!

It was almost Lyte Funky Ones in the background with everyone dressed in Regatta. This brand has definitely made its presence felt as a premium, high quality merchandise with classic styles that would never be outdated.
The Regatta Products

There are several pieces also that made me want to live there. There were the usual staples; shirts, wovens, jeans, bags and accessories. I had to make my choices clear, so I did the best thing a took photos of them. There are LOTS of choices and if you want something light, if you prefer something that you can wear anytime of the day, this is it!

These are my top choices. I love the cargo pants, the shirts and the towels. A rich diversity of shirt styles and comfortable pieces really pleased our eyes!

For a more classy choice, you can opt for these other items instead.

I already have some of these items and for those who haven't been to Regatta yet, I suggest you drop by this particular branch in the East Wing of Shangrila Mall because the new area holds a lot of promise. It's also got some really nice restaurants minus the crowds so it really is a more intimate setting. Make sure you choose Regatta the next time you want to level up with your wardrobe. It's worth it!

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