Julie Anne San Jose x Get Laud!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I've seen her perform the first time I visited the set of defunct Party Pilipinas years ago; she was one of the few performers in that show that impressed me and I must day she has definitely made a name for herself. She's Julie Ann Jose, and this beautiful lass who just arrived from a US trip got us excited during the Get Laud! Event at the 3rd floor of SM City North Edsa's main mall.

Clad in a simple black top, hot pink skirt, moderately chunky accessories from the same store, she shared her excitement about big news when she arrived in the Philippines. She said,  just hearing the remarks and appreciation of her album by production, album and network executives, a testament such as a QUADRUPLE PLATINUM AWARD surely was much of a great welcome home package she never expected. She surely owes it a lot to her fans who continue to support by buying her album legally and also request her songs on the radio. She says the amount of airplay really helped in achieving her dreams of becoming the lone person to achieve this feat from GMA Records.

She is a little busy studying now and she is attending regular classes at Angelicum Colleges. She's also glad that they don't treat her differently in school that's why she's so thankful to everyone as this really keeps her grounded. She admits she even takes her homework to the set so she could work on her assignments in between takes. She needs a year to graduate in her Communications course so she is really trying to get serious this time. Her schedule previously had her take time off from school because she couldn't handle it and work at the same time. She's taken only a few units and try again this time so she could graduate at least on the dean's list!

She's excited to also show what they've been up to these couple of days as she'll try to win with the group again in Sunday All Stars! It's all hard work and but says it's all worth it! She shared that she even gave suggestions for the songs they are performing so it's really going to be a big surprise come Sunday!

She says she's so thankful about the brands that also help her. Get Laud has given her their unending support, even immortalizing her on their 25 stores around the country and by making her their gorgeous official endorser too!

I've seen quite number of pieces that looked quite expensive but I think their store doesn't even carry anything that is over a thousand bucks. Practicallity + Quality and Affordability in one roof! Imagine that!

If Julie Ann Jose likes these stuff, why shouldn't you right!?

Thank you so much to GMA Artist Center and Get Laud! for inviting us to this event! It was wonderful! And it was nice to get to know Julie Ann Jose on a more personal level. Till next time! :)

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