The Perfect Breakfast at CAFE 1771

Thursday, June 27, 2013

One of Manila's finest secrets is in the heart of the Ortigas business district and only a few have frequented the place but once they do, they have to come back for more. Cafe 1771 is that quaint shabby but chic restaurant that foreign and locals go to for the perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was schooled in what seems to be one of the best mornings in my life. This happened a few days ago at El Pueblo, Ortigas Center Pasig. Feast your eyes on this!

Strips of Chicken, Pork cooked Adobo style, taken apart then cooked with hot Fried Rice then topped with a whole sunny side up egg and a serving of fresh red tomatoes on the side. This is their "Adobo Flakes Fried Rice". It's a little tangy, with just the right amount of saltiness. The tomatoes also provide a fresh break from all that Adobo love. It's a great introduction to Filipino dishes if you have foreign friends over.

The Filipino take on pork sausages, how can that go wrong? This Baguio Longanisa is just full of deep garlic flavor that can certainly go alone or if you choose to dip it in something else to contrast its saltiness. You can choose vinegar, ketchup or whatever you fancy. Partner it with rice or perfectly toasted bread, that can work too. It's your breakfast, whatever makes you happy!

Something even we can say is fit for royalty, a slice of rye bread baked with imported cheese on top, ham, bacon, cold cuts in between and a sunny side up egg to finish the rack.... this is your ultimate sandwich. It's properly called Croque Madame, and it tastes heavenly! To take you less of the guilt, you can have the servings of salad on the side. It makes it all pretty!

Breakfasts just wouldn't be complete without corned beef. But this one's more special. They call it the Hole In One Corned Beef. The chunky full flavored beef is just what a man or woman like in their protein. They even keep it hot on a plate, truly something to warm you up in the morning.

Feel the morning sunshine even on the plate as you take in a different pancake, more special than the usual. This is Sour Cream Pancakes with Caramelized Banana and Candied Walnuts. Drizzle a little Maple Syrup and poof! Fluffy, sweet and got some crunch. How can you go wrong with that?

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Did you know that Cafe 1771 also has awesome interiors? Yeap! It's classy, and very shabby chic. It's the perfect place for meetings, a get together or maybe just plain meals if you want breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now how's that for a perfect setting right?

Oh and before I end this, we need a sweet note to end the show.

Sugar free Carrot Cake and a ladle full of cream cheese frosting topped with warm roasted cashew nuts. It's got all the things you want less the sugar on a regular one. Actually, this is even better.

This is hands down their best dessert special. It's their Coffee Pie. Nothing like a usual pie, but more of an explosion of decadent chocolate and coffee in one mouth full. I love it so much that the next time I went back, I ordered it again. Don't make the mistake of missing to order this off the dessert menu.

Singing like there's no other song to be sung tomorrow is this tempting Opera Cake. The thing has lots of layers of cream, chocolate ganache and cake form too. It's a wonderful symphony of sweetness, and more chocolate goodness in one slice. The place definitely needs your presence. How could you even think of not going there to get your own perfect breakfast?

You shouldn't miss doing yourself a favor, go to El Pueblo in Ortigas Center or simlpy call Café 1771 for reservations. Dial 631-7340 / 470-6559 / 0917-866-0442/ 631-7339 and save me a seat. I'll crash your party just for the perfect breakfast I'm craving for every week! =)

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