Wyeth Nutrition x Synergia Foundation; Nurture, Inspire and Give!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I am stoked to tell you about the things I did the last week and this one's touched my heart in so many ways. You know there are private corporations that help government agencies and NGO's too. I arrived at Greenbelt 5 and found these cute kids from local Bagong Tanyag Elementary school. As a first salvo, they turned these kids into superstars by having them sing in a chorus! It was atrocious! It was very cute!

Wyeth Nutrition and Synergia Foundation launched Nurture.Inspire.Give. It's a huge campaign for the benefit of underprivileged youth. These institutions believe that this simple but ingenious way will make sure that they would be able to provide thousands of notebooks to less fortunate kids throughout the country.

The notebooks are actually also made with artwork done by kids themselves. Allie Arroyo, Antonio Tordesilias and Marco Flores. These kids are all accomplished in the field and they are sharing these designs to promote literacy, have them be creative and value education as a whole. It's a noble gesture and Richard Arboleda - Wyeth Philippines' Director of Communications says "A simple notebook can represent someone's canvas for the future." I totally agree!

This event wasn't just about pretty pictures or paintings. It's all about helping these kids get a better future. Now how do you get to help? That's easy! Any purchase of Aqiva (900g), Progress Pre-school Gold (900g and 1.6Kg), Bonakid Choco Boost (800g), Bonakid Pre-schoool (900g, 1.2Kg and 1.6Kg), Enercal Plus (900g) or ProMama (900g) will get you a limited edition notebook for yourself and a scratch card with it. It's got a promo code which you can send through SMS so a child would be able to receive his/her own notebook and you winning something too. If 50,000 people joined, that would mean 50,000 notebooks for these kids too. You might also win 20K worth of GC's or gift packs worth 5K to 50 raffle winners on July 17 and August 16 which means 100 in total will be given away. Isn't that cool? Private companies, NGO's and government agencies are making sure that they will be able to nurture generation after generations of Filipinos nationwide!

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