Penshoppe Holiday 2013 for Philippine Fashion Week!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

I have been so blessed last Philippine Fashion Week and what gorgeous way continue this series but by showing you the runway looks as if you are in the front row. I've been doing that for years and this time is no different. I bet you are excited as I am about one of the best brands from Golden ABC which has began stamping it's brand internationally. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Penshoppe Holiday 2013!

They opened up the show with sleeved shirts, probably cotton based. It looks light and airy. They paired that together with pants of the same material, the other had cargo pants. The one below had leather and denim jackets together with skinny jeans and a more straight cut faux denim fabric on the latter.I love the shiny look though.

Then they followed up with ladies wearing faux leather skirt, pants, denim skinny jeans, and colors on the guy's pants too.

Key Pieces: Jackets, beanies and Man Bags.

It was at this part where I was kind of recognizing the overall vibe of the collection. It was almost looking like Oxygen because there was only little hints of color then most of it are grays and black. I thought the Brand Director was Alex Mendoza because of the shows of Penshoppe in the past. They are definitely going on a different direction. It was because the new guy was showing us his none edited taste, this is the work of Jeff Bascon aka Jeff Bacons.. no wonder it's looking more adventurous!

I am so inlove with those cardigans. It was something that you can layer but stays light. The grays in different intensities was also a good thing to do. Blues and Terracota/Tan? Better and bolder!

There was no problem putting in florals, stripes and colors. It's a canvass waiting to be served with easy cloths in different colors, tones and ultimately is different from Oxygen now. I see it!

I love the light sweaters. I also love those tops and skirts that the ladies are wearing. If he's doing this on purpose, I'm definitely giving it to him!

I love Jasmine Maierhoffer and of course when she passed by, she was like an angel! It also looks like Penshoppe is also coming out with classy dresses, tops and skirts as seen above. A night out with friends or loved ones is probably a good place to flaunt what you are wearing, and that's Penshoppe.

Jeff Bascon took the stage and said something quite simple. It's short and sweet, it's awesome clothes and he'd like that to speak for itself. This is Penshoppe Holiday 2013 and we are definitely impressed! Congratulations Jeff! (who I follow on twitter for the longest time) I'll be looking forward to more changes, more of what's next in Penshoppe! It's a new year, new direction!

Hope you guy continue to feel like you are in the frontrow :) That' my goal and don't worry we have more of Philippine Fashion Week up our sleeves and we'll cover more of Penshoppe soon!  

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PS Thanks to Buensalido Public Relations for letting us cover the show! Love you guys!


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el toro bumingo said...

Ang popogi naman ng mga boys ng Penshoppe. Puro fresh meat :)