Something good to know: HP Mobile Authentication

Friday, June 21, 2013

I own a multifunction HP printer and it has been with me for years. I only buy authentic HP cartridges but sometimes I often think about the people on the street who buy empty cartridges and probably make counterfeit versions of it. I fear that I'm probably not getting my money's worth if I buy just anywhere because chances are, I could be victimized by these unscrupulous individuals.

Good thing HP has security in place. Do you know about their HP Mobile Authentication?

Each box of these cartridges have their own QR code found on both HP Original ink and toner cartridge. These are its own security labels.

HP visual support 1 - hpcode

First, you need to visually check the label. These new HP Mobile Authentication labels feature a holographic image-shifting sticker other than just the QR code. Blackberry users probably have this by default. iPhone users on the other hand can probably download apps that read these things like the HP eSupplies app for iPhone available at the iTunes App Store; I've also seen some at the Google Play store.

HP visual suppport 2

If the cartridges/toner that you buy includes these new Mobile Authentication labels, those smartphone QR code readers I mentioned above can capture the security code.

HP visual support 3 - hpcodex

Then you just have to simply view the response from the HP website.Obviously if it's OK, it'll show the sign on the left. If you see otherwise, then it's fake. You should definitely get your money's worth. You should report the matter to authorities or HP. It's not classy in the first place right? =)


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