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Saturday, June 22, 2013

He's hot, he's a black belter in karate, smart and has got one of the nicest bodies that's even envied in Hollywood. Classified as an A list star, he's up in billboards, covers of magazines, TV and movies the world over. His name is Taylor Lautner and last week, we were invited for a secret launch where he was announced as the newest international endorser of lifestyle brand BENCH. Yes you heard that right, he's the new global #benchsetter and we previewed his fashion editorial too.


This lone wolf earned screams from fans the world over and when we saw a glimpse of who he is in the BENCH Tower's cinema at the Fort, I really felt that it was fate, it was meant to be because when they showed the clip, his real world wardrobe was actually so near with the Bench clothing, jeans and accessories that it scares me. It was like he was already wearing it all along.

His tough looking exterior was complemented with the comfortable sleeve shirts and the jeans had him look quite amazing even if he did back flips, Chinese get ups and worked the hell out of that warehouse location. Mind you, he was doing these scenes all by himself without the aid of stunt doubles. 

The editorial was shot by famed director Anthony Mandler, same person who did music videos for the biggest stars in the US and world over. He personally picked him to do this as a personal preference. He's got good taste, no wonder he' part of the Bench family!

A short interview with sir Ben Chan divulged information that this BIG Hollywood was actually very down to earth. He made sure his inputs were heard in every scene and takes time to spend time with the crew.
There was a time while in the shoot where sir Ben Chan was just on the side because he didn't want to bother everyone making the video; but Taylor Lautner himself went up to him and asked about what he thinks about the scenes he's shooting which really says a lot with this guy. He cares a lot about the people he's working with and he made it a point to say hi despite of his busy day. That's so sweet isn't it?

Just for a treat, here's the "behind the scenes" clip made for Bench. Enjoy!

For those who would like to see the official prints, don't worry because all his approved shots has been displayed already at Guadalupe bridge! You'll think it's summer all over again in the Philippines because it's that HOT!

And here's what you are waiting for, a special announcement from Mr. Ben Chan himself. He says "Taylor Lautner will be visiting us all in the Philippines this year!" now tell me that isn't good news! Crazy! 

When he get's here, don't worry because I'll really try my best you get you first dibs and tons of photos like I always do! Thank you so much to the great people behind Bench for always getting us to cover their shows! You guys ROCK!

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