Freeway x Master Composer, Conductor and Teacher Lucio San Pedro

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

It was another exciting evening. Another glorious time to gather at The Row in Glorietta because one of the most trusted brands in the country "FREEWAY" is launching another collection to pay homage to a National Artist Senor Lucio San Pedro. 

The genius composer behind the famous "Ugoy ng Duyan" and many other Filipino classics. You'll be shocked and awed by his credentials since he also took advanced classes in the Netherlands, Gianini and the world famous Juilliard. His passion was always at home and with the things he did for Angono and their choirs, music groups and individuals was unsurpassed because he felt his hometown should be the first ones to play his creations. A noble gesture above anything else.

The event was hosted by one of my favorite singers, Rachel Alejandro. She also sang a few songs since she did few stints in Aawitan Kita a few years back. Remember that? :)

There was also a choir from his hometown who also sang some tunes that mesmerized everyone who passed by the event. It was truly nostalgic.Lucio San Pedro wanted these guys and those from his place to sing his masterpieces. He made extra effort to actually do that.

Senor Lucio San Pedro's relatives were also there, telling us a story or two about who he was as a person. They also had some anecdotes about how he wanted his music to affect the Filipino people, and his hometown too.

Freeway also introduced the winners of their design contest and I was really impressed by their entries. 

It was really something world class! Now you have the chance to get this on their stores because it's on sale this school season. A LOT of students were already buying this so make sure you get one for yourself. It's highly recommended!

I saw the pieces that they have for the Lucio San Pedro collection. Take a look at this!

I am really impressed by their intricate designs. Their interpretation of his work into these pieces was something that could level artists too. I bet they made sure it represented him well and truly, it did. For those who want these clothes and accessories, they are all available in Freeway boutiques and The Row establishments nationwide! Make sure you grab one while it's hot!

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