Spending Time with Alden Richarrds on Fathers Day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An afternoon with Dad was surely in the works because of Father's day. A couple of days ago we spotted one good looking guy at the SM North Edsa-Annex Bowling center, and he's Alden Richards!

Dubbed as the "Pambansang Dimples", Alden has took time out and spent quality hours with his Dad Mr. Richard Faulkerson Sr.. As you may already know, his Dad raised him when his Mom passed away. It's been tough times for him and his family and it's a good thing he's been blessed with projects from GMA. He told me that his station had given him lots of opportunities and he knew he didn't make the wrong choice of being loyal to the kapuso channel.

He was so nice in person, he had no hangups and very well mannered. Alden also had some small stories on how it was when they were kids. He always wants to go out but his Dad was very strict. His Dad says though that he didn't have a hard time with Alden because he's always behaved quite well. He knows he needs to be at home at a certain time of the day. He won't do anything that would make his Dad angry, pretty much an all around good boy.

Alden's Dad was very soft spoken. He told us a lot about Alden and some more stories when he was growing up. He's so happy that Alden had received awards and told us how proud he was every time Alden gets recognized and win awards. He tries as much as possible to spend time with Alden and also help him whenever he can. If Alden needs someone to drive him out of town, Dad takes the initiative to also file for leave from work... imagine that.

Alden appreciates what his Dad has given him all these years. He never stops to thank him in every small way and his Dad appreciates it. When asked about what Dad thinks about Alden's love life, he knows that Alden can handle it. He's matured enough to handle matters on his own and Dad gave Alden the freedom to decide about his work. Alden loves how his Dad trusts him with his decisions, but if he needs help he always consults him.

He's got one of the most perfect faces I've ever seen in public TV. He's destined for good things in the future and I can't wait to see him in more projects via GMA. Thanks to GMA Talent Center for hooking us up to get to meet this guy, and his Dad.

Make sure you watch Alden Richards in his show Mundo Mo'y Akin on GMA's primetime slot. It's on every weekday nights so don't miss it!

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