Bench Presents: BENCH BODY Holiday Collection for Philippine Fashion Week 2013!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

This is a show, a real show. I couldn't be more excited as we covered BENCH BODY for Philippine Fashion Week 2013. This is their holiday collection and it has been eagerly awaited by everyone. I could literally see it on their faces because once that the show started, it had drama... it had everything you would ask for from a brand called BENCH.

Shall we start??

They showed black and white videos, teasers of their newest endorser. That's Filipino Canadian Paolo Roldan. He's got one heck of a body and it wasn't surprising seeing him represent a sexy brand such as Bench Body.

Then there were dancers, the lights also played with them.

Then after these guys did some really tough moves with nostalgic music, the show started and opened with the damn sexy Borgy Manotoc.

Then we saw some really good things, more cuts that were comfortable, different fabric and even mesh for a more revealing look.

Polkadots, stripes, solid colors of black and pink hues started the show. Everything looked very comfy which I guess is what they always had on the shelves.

It was really smoking hot on the runway. I wanted to have those boxers for myself. Then after these guys, it suddenly dawned on me... I think you know who this is!

That's Jennelyn Mercado. She still has it no? Quite sexy on this undergarment that mimics a corset. I loved every bit of it!

Shorts, pair it up with jogging pants, or nothing at all... Bench Body keeps it so over the top.

Two words... Sam Adjani. 

See why even Ms. Chuvaness likes him? :)

Then there was another one.

Vince Ferraren... these guys are huge.

These guys are gorgeous.

Dominant and not desperate. This is really a well put together and quite interesting.

Then these twins walked in.

I can already hear some girls fantasizing about these guys from a mile away!

This green one had mesh fabric on the back. Yes, if I had the guts to shoot them at that angle, you would see their ass. It was cool literally LOL!

Then this girl from Elite Manila whom I kinda knew also stepped in with a red and black number. She is Luanne Pasinatto.

She's really good. Amazing hands down. She knows what she's doing.

Then this number comes along. This really looks good!

This was a moment.

I think you know some of these guys huh? Azkals anyone?

Volcanoes perhaps? :) Hi Harry Morris!

Then after that HOT number, my favorite model comes along. She's Jasmine Maierhofer =)

Isn't she gorgeous? =)

Then the newest endorser of Bench Body came in. He's Paolo Roldan.

This part was really cool. Strike a pose! *click*

The overcoats, the lace like fabric and pants made the whole thing give more emphasis to the underwear. Smart stylists from Bench.

More of Philippine Volcanoes on the runway. =) Then after that, it was time for the second set of clothes for Jennelyn Mercado!

She's really pretty.

They went a little dark but it was still cohesive. I like the little pop of colors here and there.

Paolo Roldan was really in his best form. He had that sculptured almost german like physique. This guy is really good. No wonder he got raves from Paris Fashion week & Vogue if I'm not mistaken when he stripped down as needed by fashion houses. Now we're getting a taste of that because he's doing awesome as seen on the shots of Bench Body.

Then there we were in a colorful end to the show.

Bench Body has really done it. They have been able to surpass what they had on the collection the last time I saw them on the runway; and this holiday collection really showed some more things, more variety to either keep of flaunt in your closet. I wouldn't be caught in something bad when I'm sleeping with someone, so make it a staple underwear or intimate wear. We deserve only the best and Bench Body really brings that to the table... in the bedroom too! Congratulations on a great show! Congratulations too on getting Male Supermodel Paolo Roldan. You are really AWESOME!

I hope I get to bring you closer to Bench Body and feel like you are on the runway just like what I wanted to do. It was an awesome show for an awesome brand! 

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