Taters Snack League Launches New York Beef Hotdog!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

 It's my second time here in Tater's Eastwood and I'm up tp discover yet another gem in their books as they launched something really good. This is Tater's New York Beef Hotdog. I actually just saw this last week during the movie night I had with my folks and surprisingly it's very affordable.

They kinda gave me a hint the last time I was here. Just the thought that they will be coming out with new flavors patterned with US cities got me giddy. They are pegged like a baseball brand/Sports bar after all and it's a cool thing we don't have to go to the states to get these treats! I had to order one of these in their Eastwood City branch. It's right beside the cinema where almost all Tater's branches are found.Unless it's the big restaurant in Bacolod that is.

This stuff is for MEN. For guys who want adventure. For people who are not afraid to be adventurous and want it HOT! Just imagine your pure all beef Hotdog, smothered in ketchup/tomato base, mustard, my favorite mean green Jalapeno peppers, chopped onions and tons of pickles... I could have had 3 of these in one sitting. But of course since I was on a diet and I had to fit into my clothes, this mouthwatering piece of hotdog meat inside a well sized bun was enough to keep me sane throughout the day!  

The New New York Beef Hotdog only costs 99 Pesos Ala Carte and around 145 if you want it with a huge Iced Tea and flavored Tater chips too! I highly suggest you ask them to put in flavors to your iced tea because they have blueberry and others upon request, and while it's still available of course! They also use environmentally responsible containers for all their food products. Because it's worth it!

No wonder they have awards on display. They are considered one of the best food vendors in Eastwood City. You should definitely try these guys out before or after watching a movie. If you are even lucky, you can spot one or more celebrities in the store. Case in point was Jinri Park. She ordered a couple of burgers and chips before they went in for a movie. =) Sorry I had to eavesdrop like that!

If you prefer a more healthier alternative, you can opt for the Churkey Burger which most ladies love! I featured that the first time I ate in this establishment here.

If you don't believe me, try it. If you still don't believe me, just look at this line in Trinoma when I went to the Man of Steel premier. Everybody else was ordering it... what are you waiting for? You must make time for yourself and grab one of these new New York Beef Hotdogs while it's hot!

Will update this post with more photos soon!

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