Toshiba’s “True Image” Technology: Because Seeing is Believing!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Toshiba has been leading innovation on electronic products since time in memorial. I have been witness to that since it's our TV for the past year. More products seem to be released and I got hold of this information a few days ago.

The sets you see behind Director Paul Soriano and top Tech Blogger Abe Olandres is the new CEVO 4K. It got the second generation 4K video processing engine which is made and designed by Toshiba. They have spent years of research and development in bringing you the best “True image” you can possibly have at home. “True image” means the closest image possible that you can have compared to real life. Making it life like is truly an experience that their company promises for every Filipino home... and now, they delivered.

This is now "The Best in its Class" and you can evidently see it on Blu-ray, HD TV and 4K video output on these TV's. Mr. Yuuji Motomura who spearheads product planning for Toshiba’s TV division says “Televisions are being made to create a wow feeling, the bigger the screen, the more excitement. It is not enough that the TV screen is big; it also has to be equipped with the technology that maintains the high picture quality to enhance the viewing experience.”

The company promises that in every TV set of this standard and engine, they will have 90% of the original content, which provides a great sense of reality while watching. I would definitely want this for my own living room. Ours lasted for years too so I'm gearing to have something worthy to replace it. Another Toshiba with this technology would definitely work.

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zaizai salonga said...

Pengeng Toshiba! :)

el toro bumingo said...

Ang mahal naman kasi ng Toshiba :(