Vaseline Men Launches "Be the man, win the car!" Promo

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guys who are in my age bracket probably have simple wishes. A great career, a great family, a house of our own and probably a car. Times are tough and you only could work for one or few of these things; and the last thing on your list is, probably the car. It's sad when you want something so bad and you couldn't have that on priorities, but don't worry because Vaseline Men will get you covered on their latest promo. I'll tell you about it in a bit.

We went to the launch a few days ago and it was really good news.
Hosting the event was Nicky Viola.

Jonathan Cua - the Brand Manager from Vaseline Men says it's high time that he gives you good news Vaseline Men has a new promo called "Be the man, win the car!". Yes, you heard that right because they are giving away a new Toyota 86 limited edition car plus instant load if you purchase Vaseline Men facial wash or moisturizer tube.

Just get the ones that have the sticker on the pack, scratch it off and text VMEN plus the CODE to 2600. You instantly win the items and they'll notify you right there and there!


It's the most ideal car for men and with this promo you can get to win it. There's actually a huge waiting time for this car but Vaseline Men already has one waiting for you to claim it! I'll have mine tomorrow :) #Wish

I already have some products that I'll be using in the next few days and it's up for review soon.

Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Moisturizer with Oil Control and Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Moisturizer with SPF 15. 

Vaseline Men Whitening Body Wash with Active Whitening because men would want to be fair too :)

Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Face Wash with Glacial Clay for Oil Control, Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Face Scrup with Microbeads for Anti Dullness, Vaseline Men Face Antispot Whitening Face Wash with Activated Carbon for Spots Removal. These are all available at your favorite Watsons or Personal Care vendors nationwide. 

So make sure the next time you shop, make sure you grab one of these tubes and join "Be the man, win the car!". =)

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