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Monday, April 15, 2013

Miso-Ten just opened their doors at Robinsons Place Ermita and of course since its Japanese, I was wondering what this store could offer quite differently from the run of the mill restaurants I've seen in Quezon City and nearby establishments. I'm fond of these, I couldn't say I'm a full blown expert but I've been in quite a lot of restaurants like it. Though this time, their specialty lies on their best sellers. It's Ramen and Tempura. I asked myself why; figured it only would make sense if I tried it out myself... and so I did.

Their house tea was surprisingly calming. I thought it was green tea at first since that's pretty much what they serve usually... but I was wrong. I immediately asked them if this was rice or grain based and yes, they confirmed to me that they use barley for their tea. It was so nice I had more than a cup while waiting for my order to arrive.

Checking out what they had for condiments was the right thing to do. They have soy sauce concoctions that were pretty much specialized and all for a specific dish. The two Japanese bottles on the side are called Ichimi (the one with the red cap is chili powder) which is best for soups because of its pungent chili flavor. The other one (yellow cap) is La Yu or chili oil which is  a little smoky and sesame oil based. It was quite nice on my ramen actually. Which takes us on our next bit that you'll absolutely love!

For something fresh to start off your meal, you should try this Kani Salad. The rich thick Japanese mayo was really good covering the strips of Kani and Mangoes that just makes this so special I ate almost all of it. I had to share with my friends too and that was a little let down for me. This isn't good for sharing because you'll find out later that its so good you better have one for your self.

Miso Ten Original with Pork Char Siu - It's their original and signature miso based soup with Ramen then topped with a slice of smoky, sweet Pork Char Siu and a specially cooked organic Tamago (Egg) that's cooked in 5 minutes making it a little runny as you can see above. It was good; and I love the Tamago since they all are cooked like this on purpose. Then I had to have more.

Miso Ten Spicy with Roasted Chicken - Since I'm a spicy kind of guy, I had to have the Spicy version of course and this one was just awesome. This would probably be too spicy already for some but it was just averagely spiced for me. It's a good thing they have chili based condiments on the side which made it so good imho. The smoky and sweet Chicken cutlets made the broth richer and better since it gives an extra dimension to the awesome Miso soup base that this actually has. If I were to choose between the original and this one, I'd rather go for this. It's my kinda soup.

Yakisoba - Veggies, meat slices stir fried with your favorite soba noodles make this Yakisoba a good contender for your run of the mill and ordinary pansit. It's got all the good vegetabley things you want to find plus seaweed on top. It's a tasty treat for those who don't want a soup base on their plate.

Excellent Tendon - No it's not that tendon you have on your bones, this is a bowl full of Tempura on top of hot steamy Japanese rice. For shrimp lovers, this is your final destination. They also had this tempura batter on Sweet Potatoes, Kani, Asparagus spears, Eggplant among others... you choose your own adventure.

Tan Tan Mien - This is the Japanese counterpart of that famous Sichuan dish that's got minced pork, same spicy miso soup base, spring onions/scallions and sesame/peanut sauce on some instances. Their version isn't too oily unless you prefer that and put it in yourself from the condiments rack. A warm hearty bowl is just something you would look forward to on a rainy day. If you prefer a sweet one, this is it.

Miso Ten Spicy with Char Siu Pork - Unknown to many, you can actually have your own designed Ramen made for the same price. The spicy broth plus the Char Siu Pork is just making my mouth water. They actually give you a form so you can choose how you want your bowl to be done.

It only costs P275 and it's quite filling. I would gladly have my own version done but the one that is on the menu was quite okay already.  I would have it more spicy though. :)

Gyoza - One of my favorite things in the world is Gyoza. It's pot stickers that's got ground pork, a little shrimp, chives, sesame oil then dipped in its own special sauce. I had this plate on my own haha. I never share things like this sorry. Their version was a little sweet than usual so if you prefer not dipping it at all, it's all good. Actually they have some serious Gyoza, I highly recommend this together with your Ramen. Quite good.

The Interiors

The interiors are obviously Japanese inspired. Minimalistic. They barely have advertising on their walls which should be the case since they are a commercial establishment. They will spruce up the place soon I guess because it holds a lot of promise. They have some wall features though that I think is cool.

It was roomy. You can easily combine tables if you want to. Larger groups ain't a problem because they have ample amount of seating. They also have WIFI too just ask for it.

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Make sure if you are in Manila or Robinson's Magnolia, check out MISO-TEN's Ramen and Tempura. It's the best thing since sliced bread!

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